Layout - Christmas Recap

This is a Christmas "recap" layout for Spencer's album. Every year I do detailed layouts in our Christmas albums and then a summary one for his album.
Patterned Paper - Basic Grey
Stickers, brads, chipboard - Making Memories
Dymo label

Layout - Christmas Family Portrait

2005 was the last year that I'd be able to fit in this particular scrapbook. I was short one page, so I decided to take our family portrait from '05 (which we also used in Christmas cards) and make it the final layout in the album. Very simple page. I'm not even sure who makes the patterned paper. It feels good to have that Christmas album done. Now...gotta get started on Christmas 2006!

Layout - Christmas Morning

This layout is of Christmas Morning in 2005, when we were living with my sister. It's a 2-page layout in 8.5x11.


Patterned paper - Chatterbox
Stickers, chipboard accent and rick rack - Making Memories

Layout - Blackwell Family Christmas

This is a Christmas layout from 2005 with my husband's family. I don't normally use a white background but really like how it worked on this page. You can't tell in the scan, but the layout's corners are actually rounded.


Letter stickers - Miss Elizabeth's
Patterned paper - Doodlebug
Sticker & Chipboard accent - Making Memories

Layout - Asheville

This layout was created as part of a Survivor challenge where I was sent supplies to use. Those included the four epoxy tiles (top left), the photo corner (top right), the copper embellishments (bottom right), three white tags (which I painted), off white ribbon, and a piece of twill that read "tender moments". I also had to use acrylic paint somewhere on the layout (painted the white tags).


In addition to what was sent to me, whose manufacturers I don't know, I used patterned paper by Flair Designs, a brown Zig Writer and some fibers by Fiesta Yarns.

Utah Olympic Oval

I created this layout for a challenge where you had to use three specific things (hopefully already in your stash): a bookplate, purple cardstock and fibers. The hardest part for me was using purple. But I managed to find these pictures and make it work. Surprisingly enough, I'm pleased with the outcome. I didn't include journaling because there will be an accompanying layout from this trip that will include all of that.

Patterned Paper - Basic Grey
Bookplate - Making Memories
Fibers - Fiesta Yarns
Letter stickers - Frances Meyer

Bath Layout - Rio's Album

This is an 8"x8" layout for my dog's album. I created this based on a sketch, which I rotated to accomodate my vertical photo. The picture isn't the best quality but I love how it shows how unhappy he is in a bath LOL.

Patterned paper - Bo Bunny
Die cut - unknown
Title sticker on photo - Stickopatomus
Walnut ink pad - Ink It Up


Mini Album - Wallet photos

I created this mini album for a challenge. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. It is very, very basic. I covered each page with kraft cardstock, and added a tab. I used letter stamps for the name, year and age. Though it's simple, I am pleased to have this book. It's a place to hold all the wallet photos of my two nephews and niece. I left some pages in the back blank so that I can add more pictures as I get them.



A= Available - definitely taken.
B= Best Friend - hubby, Matt
C= Cake or pie – cake, not a huge fan of pie
D= Drink of choice – water most of the time; Corona Light is my favorite beer; Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda
E= Essential item you use everyday – computer, car, coffeepot, cell phone, running water, electricity – wow, there are so many. We’re a spoiled society, huh?
F= Favorite color – all time favorite is dark brown, but I go through phases where I like certain colors for a while. Right now I really like orange, but I’m also excited about navy and white for spring – very nautical, love it.
G= Gummy bears or worms – I could pass on both, but I guess I’d take bears
H= Hometown – Georgetown, SC
I= Indulgences - Mexican food
J= January or February – Probably February. I feel like January is still kind of “leftover hectic” from the holidays and trying to get back in the swing of things. Plus, February is one month closer to warmer weather!
K= Kids and Names – One stepson, Spencer
L= Life is incomplete without? Love from family and friends
M= Marriage date – April 14
N= Number of siblings – 3 sisters
O= Oranges or apples - apples
P= Phobias or Fears – No real phobias. I fear being old and/or sick to the point of being a burden on others and no longer having a real quality of life.
Q= Favorite Quote – “We ride and never worry about the fall. I guess that’s just the cowboy in us all” from a Tim McGraw song
R= Reason to smile – There are so many: family, friends, love, laughing, health, scrapbooking (of course!), American Idol (premieres tonight!), being blessed with a beautiful home, having a good job, I could go on and on forever
S= Season - Summer
T= Tag 3 or 4 people – whatever, if you wanna do it, do it.
U= Unknown fact about me – my ears aren’t pierced; me and my 2 sisters all have the same middle name; as much as I love mexican food, I hate chicken in my mexican.
V= Vegetable you don't like – most cooked veggies (things like broccoli, mushrooms, carrots – I’ll eat them raw but not cooked). I don’t eat spinach at all, unless it’s in spinach and artichoke dip and that’s a whole other story – yum!
W= Worst habit – nail biting
X= X-rays – last ones I had? Who knows! Probably at the dentist
Y= Your favorite food – mexican: start off with some cheese dip and hot, salty tortilla chips. a main course comprised of a cheese enchilada with a taco and red rice. accompanied by a cold Corona Light.
Z= Zodiac Sign - Cancer


Gamecocks Bowl Game

The Friday after Christmas was the day of the Clemson and Carolina bowl games. Matt and I both made sure we had off from work - and we even borrowed Scott's high definition cable box so we could watch them "in style". Of course, this was after we missed the first quarter of the Clemson game because our cable went out!

Anyway, I digress. Scott, Matt's niece & her boyfriend came over to watch the Clemson game (early afternoon). Later on we were joined by many friends to watch the Carolina game. As you can see here, we are setting a perfect example for the youngins! Please note our new TV...

PS - WE WON!!! (and Clemson lost - ha ha ha!!!)

The Sights of Key West

FINALLY I have scrapped again. I wasn't sure if this day would ever come!!! Forgive me, I'm a little rusty, but at least it's 2 pages completed!
I used Becky Higgins' September 2007 sketch - though this definitely isn't worth submitting. I kept it simple on purpose b/c I really LOVE all the scenic photos I took in Key West and just didn't want to distract from them at all.

The green cardstock actually goes all around the layout but it's cut off in the scan. I didn't use many supplies, obviously. The patterned paper (circles) is by Junkitz. The letter stickers are Making Memories. Then I used a Teal Zig Writer to write "the" and "of Key West" which you can't really see in the scan. I used a white Uniball Signo to write on some circles to label a few of the photos. That's it!
I wish the photos showed up better in the scan because some of them are really gorgeous.


Christmas Morning (again)

I'm not sure anyone cares, but I must apologize for being so behind on photo updates. I'm incredibly anal so I can't just skip them - blog must be updated LOL. But, I'm obviously way behind.

Here are some snapshots of us on our "Christmas morning", which is actually the morning after Christmas.

The first photo is of Spencer helping Rio open his stocking. The 2nd is of Matt opening his 2 HDMI cables that go with his new TV which was actually in the house next door. 3rd photo is of me opening a present and the last one is of Spencer opening his 'big' gift, a new PSP.

I must admit, we were all quite spoiled. A rundown of gifts...

Matt: 46" LCD TV (1080p), surround sound home theater system, 2 pairs of shoes, a PS2 game (Justice League), wireless PS2 controller (from Spencer), some pictures that I reframed, gloves, wallet, CD (Lionel Richie), DVD (Talledega Nights), Gamecock books (a joint gift from me to him and Spencer)

Spencer: PSP, memory card & case, 2 PSP games, Legos, 2 PS2 games, Deal or No Deal DVD game, Sorry electronic game, wireless PS2 controller, Panthers calendar, clothes, baseball net for yard, Nerf gun, Nerf football, books, fishing rod, baseball card binder and sports cards...

Holly: Ellipitcal machine!!!, 3 shirts, brown boots (liked them so much, went and bought a pair in black too!), bath pillow, CD (Jesse McCartney), winter white coat, winter white gloves, winter white scarf/hat set (from Spencer) (see a pattern - I like to have accessories to match each of my coats - luckily matt's caught on to that).

High School

This layout was created for me in a swap at Scrappin' Fun, by Lynnise. This is for my "book of me" album. It contains a couple of photos from high school - the bottom left is from 9th grade and the other 2 are from my senior portraits. The journaling are random tidbits of information about my 4 years of high school.


This layout was created for me in a swap at Scrappin' Fun, by Amanda. This is for Spencer's school album and contains a couple of "science" snapshots from Kindergarten.