project life | weeks 3 & 4

i've decided that i like the idea of sharing project life here, but i honestly don't have the time to take good photographs, edit them and post. so, most of these PL updates will probably be light on images but will recap what i'm doing in hopes that it helps someone else. or entertains me while i type. or whatever. 

another two weeks of project life...with my first inserts - can i get a "holla"??? 

one major difference with these two weeks is that i incorporated more digital elements. i think, long-term, some weeks will be heavy on digital and others will be light. it will vary depending on what's easiest that week. 

:: collage of three photos to capture our "sick week" - coleman lounging in front of the TV, a mid-day snack, and our collection of medicine. 
:: self-portrait of me with coleman eating a popsicle
:: photo of coleman making and then eating a popsicle
:: traffic
:: various "everyday" shots of coleman (wearing my glasses, climbing on stuff, playing with my iphone, playing drums, helping let dogs out)
:: coleman playing with a friend
:: pictures of coleman sent from daycare
:: iphone screenshot of a text message from spencer (telling me he made the baseball team) paired with a photo of the baseball field and a text area with his school logo. 
:: iphone screenshot of daily e-mails we get from spencer's school with his grades
:: lobby where i have a lot of meetings at work
:: cleaning project (fridge)
:: collage of pictures from super bowl party with some text
:: picture message sent to coleman from my sister while on vacation 

:: under armour clothing tag
:: a sticker coleman got at daycare, added to a journaling card with an explanation
:: part of a prescription label 
:: alphabet art (paired with a photo of coleman working on it)
:: piece of a speeding ticket and the story of going to court
:: party invitation 
:: tag from new baseball pants

:: being home with a sick toddler, and how we were able to do more fun (low key) stuff than usual 
:: week in review for each week (what each of us was doing, errands, friends, etc). this is something i want to continue, to really capture the minute everyday details. 
:: funny quotes
:: meals from the week 
:: listed music that spencer had downloaded onto his iphone recently 

design notes: 
:: i used free 4x6 journaling card downloads to create a "week in review" for each week. 
:: i used free 3x4 journaling card downloads to create a few of the elements. one was a list of tv shows we watched that week. 
:: two related photos - used photoshop to put a smaller photo on top of a larger photo 
:: on some photos, i added journaling in photoshop before printing
:: still using lots of small white labels to add brief journaling on a picture. 

:: the inserts::

in photoshop, i took this post and turned it into an 8.5x11 insert (just used a regular page protector). i love this!! i love that it captures a tiny piece of our reality. i love that it uses a bunch of random (horrible quality) photos. i love that i have a place to include these things! 

on the back of this insert, i printed a newsletter that spencer's science teacher had e-mailed. it was two pages, so i printed it on both sides of one sheet. i have page two showing in the album because the top right photo includes spencer.

i used a baseball card page protector for this insert. on saturday of week four, we attended a friend's 3rd birthday party. i chose eight photos from the event and printed them to fit these small pockets, along with a 'title' spot. after taking the photo, i found a cute embellishment from his goody bag and added that straight on the page protector.  as of right now, i don't have anything on the back side of this and i'm contemplating what to do with that. i'll keep you posted! 


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reminder: i am using leftover product from becky's very first project 365 kit (no longer available). 

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project life: weeks 1 thru 3

so, you may (or may not) remember that i decided to tackle project life this year. despite that i'm posting these layouts a few weeks late, i've actually done a pretty decent job of keeping up to date with this. and i'm truly loving it! 

i don't know if i will post all of my completed layouts here on the blog, but i really enjoy inspiration and getting ideas from others, so i thought i'd pay it forward, so to speak. (photo quality is horrible. my only excuse is laziness.)

instead of walking you through each layout bit-by-bit, i'm just including some photographs and then listing out information that might be helpful. 

:: three weeks of project life ::

Photos I included
:: special events
:: all of us in the car
:: restaurant
:: wrapped birthday gifts
:: friends hanging out in our home
:: pieces of home d├ęcor
:: self-portraits
:: art from daycare
:: picture messages sent to me from daycare
:: spencer at school (stolen from facebook)
:: spencer with his current “girlfriend” (taken on his iphone)
:: lots of everyday pictures around the house
:: our feet/shoes
:: the dogs
:: work calendar on laptop
:: journal
:: medicine
:: work project
:: pile of campaign mail

Stuff I included
:: game ticket
:: stickers from bowl game
:: coleman’s handwriting and art from daycare (cut to fit in pockets)
:: clothing tag
:: piece of airline ticket
:: itunes gift card
:: part of ibuprofen box
:: print out from doctor’s office

Design notes
:: everything seen is from the original project 365 kit (weekday stickers, overlay, "week of" cards, journaling cards, tri-fold journaling cards)
:: for photos that don’t really have much of a story, i just jotted notes with a black sharpie directly onto the picture.
:: in a lot of cases, i printed two vertical photos side-by-side on a 4x6 canvas.
:: i used my (new to me) vintage typewriter to do a week in review card and a couple of labels. the ribbon needs to be replaced but i foresee using this a lot in the future.
:: i like using small labels to just add a quick line to a photo 

reminder: i am using leftover product from becky's very first project 365 kit (no longer available). 

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