finding a happy place...

hello out there...do y'all remember me? i can't believe how much i have not blogged this month. and i find that it's difficult to get back into the swing of things after such a long (though unintended) break. so, today i'm just writing for the heck of it...

ever since our almost-house-fire and our "soft goods" being returned at a time when we had no *time* to deal with them...well, our house has been a disaster. chaos. not a happy place.

but this weekend felt better. this weekend was good. matt was working nights (not the good part) and we didn't have spencer (also not the good part). but we had no plans. nothing going on. and it was a happy mixture of long overdue quality time with coleman and seriously needed productivity....

:: several loads of laundry

:: lots of morning cuddles and snuggles with my best little guy

:: new wire shelf liner + a little purging = a tidier kitchen pantry

:: coleman and i took an adventure into the woods and did some collecting (of pretty leaves, pinecones and bug bites)

:: finally, finally got our master closet back to normal...do you hear the angels singing???

:: morning coffee and play time with the neighbors

:: loaded PSE7 and iTunes onto the new laptop

:: coleman and i ate supper at the table like a real family...even if it was just the two of us

:: updated computer with email addresses and websites of spencer's new teachers

:: pool time for coleman and colton

:: tidied up and purged spencer's room

:: supper with neighbors

:: we made the slightest progress in coleman sitting on the potty

so there you have it. our low-key, git-r-done weekend.


week in the life {back story}

if you followed my week in the life posts, then you know there has been a lot of rambling about our bad luck and "almost" house fire. i should've posted this story prior to beginning the daily week in the life updates...but, alas, i didn't.

so here we go... (warning: text heavy, no cute or fun photos).

it all began many moons ago, or maybe just a few weeks ago. it seems like a lifetime, at this point. i got an itchin' for some boiled peanuts (a tasty southern treat). i decided that purchasing them from our favorite roadside vendor was no longer acceptable and that it was time for me to step up and become the southern domestic goddess that would make my husband, mother-in-law, oh heck...it'd make someone proud!

though "boiling peanuts" seemed obvious, i decided i should check in with a few experts and asked my two sisters, who happen to be peanut boilin' pros, how to go about doing this... good thing i did. turns out you have to use green peanuts (who knew???). and so the hunt began...it took me a few weeks of calling and visiting every grocery store and roadside stand until i found my lovely green peanuts (which for the record, are not green...of course, right?).

somewhere in this couple of weeks is when a sane person would've just given up and bought some darned boiled peanuts. but, i found the elusive green peanuts and they were expensive and i was excited.

proud as a redneck having caught a big 'ole bass, i hopped in the car and headed home. i pulled out my biggest pot and started boiling away. now, for those of you that are not to my southern domestic goddess level, let me explain that boiled peanuts take several hours to reach their prime level of yumminess.

i was doing a fantabulous job of checking on my pet project. adding water and salt as necessary. things were going peachy. and then...

a few moments away from the oven and suddenly our precious home was full of smoke. just. like. that.

the boys were quickly ushered outside. a glance at the stove top showed the most bizarre thing we'd ever seen...the pot had melted. literally, there was liquid metal all over our stove.

the amount of smoke was unbelievable, making it so difficult to breathe. we never had flames, but the incident resulted in an unimaginable amount of smoke damage.

dear hubby spent his entire week off scrubbing, cleaning, trying desperately to restore our home to a livable state. but to no avail.

a week later, we gave in and filed an insurance claim. a few weeks later, we just spent our first night back in our clean home full of fresh, breathable air...after ten days in a hotel.

and that, my dear bloggy friends, was the reader's digest versin of our "almost" house fire.


week in the life {sunday ~ july 31}

day seven...

Sunday: c playing with all the junk in my pocketbook

this is coleman's new thing...taking everything out of my pocketbook, spreading it out on the kitchen floor and playing with it. the good thing is that it makes it easy to do a quick clean up of the contents. as a result, i've also found some pretty funny things later on (like a nickel stuck in a tub of lip gloss).

Sunday: the list...made it to 1,000

after several months, i finally hit *1000* on my list of one thousand gifts. what an awesome feeling. i have no plan to stop though.

Sunday: playdoh fun

this morning, i pulled out coleman's (very limited) selection of playdoh and toys. he desperately needs a real set of this stuff... he hasn't mastered the concept of playing with it yet, but he seemed to have fun and i'm sure he'll *get* it more if i actually remember to let him play with it more often.

Sunday: reading the ads

and while coleman played with his playdoh, his mommy flipped through the newspaper ads.

Sunday: coupon clipping

and clipped coupons... i haven't been doing nearly as well with my couponing efforts as i used to...but i'm still clipping and saving money. saving something is better than paying full price, i suppose!
Sunday: Coleman + Colton and water slide fun!

sunday afternoon, coleman and i went over to hang out with the monks (a summer weekend tradition). the boys played in the kiddie pool and the inflatable water slide. coleman and colton absolutely love this thing! they have a blast on it every weekend.

Sunday: absolute sweetness

later on, inside, the boys snuggle together to watch a movie. this adorable moment actually didn't last long, but it was cute for a minute! the two of them do play really well together and it's nice that we are just two houses down. we ended up eating supper with tara and warren before heading home.

you can see all of my week in the life photos here at flickr.

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards

week in the life {saturday ~ july 30}

day six...

Saturday: c playing on Matt's iPhone
our morning snuggle time. coleman is playing with matt's iphone. while sitting in my lap.

Saturday: out and about early for a Saturday

in the car before 8:00 on a saturday morning...very unusual. though it feels kind of good to be up and at 'em that early. hit the mcdonald's drive through and picked up an iced coffee for myself and a strawberry lemonade for cassidy...

Saturday: playmate at the park

coleman playing on the slide at cedar crest park. we met cassidy and giada there for a playdate. we went super early (8:30), in the hopes of beating the obnoxious heat. the kiddos both had a good time. it's a great toddler-friendly park! i know i took a picture of giada but it disappeared. i can't find it!!! ugh! anyway... we lasted until about 10:00 and it really started to get toasty. it was great to catch up with cassidy. much overdue.

Saturday: outfit

my outfit for the day. nothing very exciting.

Saturday: apparently trips to old navy are exhausting.

coleman and i headed to old navy, after i realized i had a groupon that was expiring today. he was very good in the store (a huge improvement from our last shopping trip there). apparently, behaving that well must be really exhausting since he pooped out on the way home...cuddling with his new soccer ball.

Saturday: awesome new shirt from old navy

i didn't buy much at old navy, but i saw this shirt on a mannequin as soon as i walked in, and fell in love with it. i was tickled that they had it in my size and it was on sale. yay! (i think this dark shade of yellow might be my new fall color). the only other things i bought were the soccer ball and a winter coat for coleman. pretty impressed with my willpower.

Saturday: brusha brusha brusha

coleman brushing his teeth. as part of his routine, he pulls out his stool and puts it in front of the sink. he turns on the water and i put the toothpaste on his toothbrush. he insists on brushing his teeth himself...though it's not very thorough.
Saturday: bathtime

after brushing teeth, comes bathtime. he usually enjoys his bath but he does go through phases where he likes it more or less. he loves his bath toys and transferring water from different containers.

Saturday: first time on potty (at home)

we are having a hard time with "potty training". he cooperates and does really well at aj's house, but simply is not interested at home. this photo is actually the first time we've been able to even get him to sit on it at home. it only lasted a couple of seconds and he didn't go potty...but at least he sat on it!

Saturday: thirsty dogs

rio and cooper...very thirty doggies...

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards


week in the life {friday ~ july 29}

day five...

a slight recovery from yesterday's scary low photo count....

so today transitions into a different schedule than most of the week. monday through thursday, matt was off from work and spencer was with us. however, matt is now working nights over the weekend and spencer went back to his mother's...

Friday: arriving at the office

this photo was taken approaching my office in the morning. this streetlight is at the intersection that leads to the lowe's campus. if you squint and tilt your head slightly to the left, you can see a building ahead on the left side of the road (to the right of the water tower). that's where i work.
Friday: sportin' my gamecock friendship bracelet

i was dressed particularly casual for work today because we were doing work at the planogram facility. at the last minute, i grabbed my newest friendship bracelet (in gamecock colors). i (re)learned how to make these recently and have been kind of having fun with it!!

Friday: late lunch from panera

after a long morning of real work, as mentioned before, mike (my boss) and i grabbed a late lunch from panera bread before heading back to the office for more work (less manual labor though).
Thursday: Coleman at AJ's

aj sent me this photo of coleman playing outside. i love, love, love that she sends me picture messages of my sweet baby boy during the day. sometimes i will send her a text asking how he's doing because i know she will follow up with a photo (shhh...don't tell my secret!!!).
Friday: the heat wave that just won't end

our temperatures lately have been ridiculous. this is actually a bad representation of what we've been dealing with, as far as weather is concerned. this screen shot shows a "feels like" that is lower than the actual temperature. many days have had a heat index well above 100 degrees. oh...and that 26% humidity...that's a dream day!
Friday: pumping gas

pumping gas. something i do a lot. too much. i am not a fan of having to stop, so i always fill up completely. matt, however, usually only gets a little bit of gas at a time. and considering he drives a gas-sucking monster, he literally stops for gas every day. and since i'm the one that balances the checkbook, it annoys the bejeebers out of me that he has so many debits! just fill it up!!! i forgot to take a photo of the sign with the gas price...we are averaging around $3.50 a gallon right now.
Friday: c eating his supper...hot dog and cheese. So healthy

coleman sitting at his little table, enjoying some supper and a bottle of water. looks like he is chowing down on a nice healthy hot dog. that's my go-to lazy supper. it's quick and he always eats it. purchasing this table last christmas was the bestest thing ever (yes, i know that's not a real word).
Friday: made my weekend to do list over supper

apparently my dinner was tasty...some concoction on a tortilla. when matt works night, i just make whatever for supper. it's usually totally random and often on a soft tortilla. while we ate, i made my weekend to-do list.
Friday: as if enough hasn't gone wrong already... I thunk my computer is fried

so, did you know that smoke can kill a laptop??? well, apparently so. it's dead. gone. finito. ugh!
Friday: nothing smells better than a freshly bathed kiddo

looking at this picture, i can smell clean baby. i love, love, love a fresh, clean baby (or toddler...whatever!). actually, even spencer smells pretty good after a shower - ha!

Friday: Coleman's "bracelets"

and then there were the bracelets. i'm trying to remember when he started this...maybe a month ago? two? he wears a combination of my hair bands and a few silly bands on his right wrist all the time. bed - check. bath - check. swimming - check. daycare - check. everywhere - check.

*all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards