what i learned over the weekend {3.31}

this is where we stayed this weekend - it's called the mission house and is part of the valle crucis conference center.

  • my idea of "running a little late" and my sister's are two totally different things
  • my husband thinks its funny to push my buttons and i think it's mean (i was on tv but hadn't seen it yet. i asked him if i looked fat and he said yes to freak me out, but turns out i was only shown from about the shoulders up!)
  • it's a good thing i decided to print out more pictures at the last minute for the crop (or else i would've run out)
  • it feels good to be caught up on the foundation scrapbook
  • my sister also likes the applebottom jeans song
  • i don't like community baths (aka - i'm more spoiled than i'm willing to admit)
  • valle crucis conference center knows how to feed people...man, talk about some good food!
  • some people need to know when to keep their mouths shut
  • it's way way way too cold for late march in south carolina
  • spencer's baseball team/coaches are lacking some serious communication skills
  • my cell phone coverage in valle crucis stinks and that is annoying


what i learned over the weekend {3.24}

what i learned over this holiday weekend...
  • having good friends is awesome
  • there is something special about the first sunburn of the year
  • my neighbor is a good shopping partner - she's a bargain hunter, like me
  • i need to go to the tanning bed and lose some weight
  • spencer chose #2 for his baseball uniform, which is red (shirt & hat), white (pants), and blue (socks & belt)
  • i have a ton of scrapbooking stuff...seriously!
  • hooking the computer back up isn't as easy as i was hoping
  • life without the internet sucks
  • matt's parents worry me (they are just showing more & more signs of aging)
  • matt is the life and pizazz in his family (easter dinner just wasn't the same without him)

{four things}

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Business Analyst
2. Forecast Analyst/Manager
3. Research Analyst
4. Bank Teller

Four movies I would watch over and over:

1. Annie
2. Grease
3. Aladdin
4. Coyote Ugly

Four places I have lived:
1. Rock Hill, SC
2. Pauline, SC
3. Georgetown, SC
4. Shelby, NC

Four TV Shows that I watch (currently):

1. American Idol
2. Eli Stone
3. Don’t Forget the Lyrics
4. Law & Order

Four places I have been:
1. Jamaica
2. Toronto
3. San Francisco
4. Key West

People who e-mail me (regularly):
1. Brigitte
2. Michelle
3. Tara
4. Sherry

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Mexican (#1 Combo)
2. Chinese (Sesame Chicken)
3. Filet
4. McDonald’s fries (when they are hot & salty)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Home with Matt
2. Working on my scrap studio (or actually scrapbooking)
3. Hanging with neighbors, friends or family
4. relaxing on a warm beach

Things I am looking forward to in the next year:
1. Our spring break trip to Charleston
2. Our beach vacation
3. Getting my scrapbook room organized & cute
4. Finishing up all of our projects around the house

Things I do just because I enjoy doing them:
1. Scrapbook
2. Watch TV
3. Read
4. Help with the Dalton Help Foundation


what i learned over the weekend {3.16}

this weekend i learned that...
  • matt didn't put up the shelves in my scrapbook room closet very well
  • laundry sucks
  • the peel party was more fun than i expected
  • i'm actually quite tempted to spend a lot of $$ on arbonne product
  • not all cheap furniture is created equal
  • i want to take painting lessons
  • it's fun to go shopping with a girlfriend
  • new shoes make me quite happy
  • slipcovers are simply impossible
  • cutting edge 3 and saving sarah cain are both pretty decent movies (my standards aren't exactly the same as "the academy")



just some things going on...i totally stole this from this blog.


over the weekend {3.3}

sorry this is late...
things i learned over the weekend (followed by a 365 shot from our mountain trip in februray):
  • matt's boss is a good baseball coach, and generous (he didn't charge us barely anything for the one-on-one time with spencer)
  • spencer's skills really improve when he follows good advice (still talking baseball here)
  • i like one of spencer's baseball coaches better than the other (nothing personal, one is just most helpful with the kids)
  • tuscan steak is yummy
  • spencer doesn't care about the idol pool this year
  • kirkland's sells a lot of crosses but the rest of their stuff isn't much my style
  • the current theme in our bedroom is growing on me now that we've painted
  • my hairdresser and her husband are separated
  • matt's ex is not the brightest bulb in the box (ok, i didn't actually just learn this - it was just further confirmed)
  • something borrowed is an awesome book. i couldn't put it down!


{top 100 books}

USA Today's Top 100 books of 2007 can be found here

I have read 14 of them. Matt has one and Spencer has two.
I printed the list as a reference. One of my goals is to read 6 new authors in 2008 - and to read 2 nonfiction books (because I normally only read fiction). I thought I might look into some of these books to see if any strike my fancy (after I cross off all the Harry Potters and diet books, there isn't much left LOL).

{this and that}

i was very sad to hear about patrick swayze's cancer diagnosis. so sad. i had no idea he was 55 either...seems like dirty dancing was just yesterday!

I went yesterday to the local at&t store to play with the iphone. nice, very nice.

i bought these two things from etsy today. that place is so incredibly addictive. the bracelet was purchased from elsie flannigan's sister. i love it! the barrettes aren't exactly like the ones i ordered because i picked out specific fabric. click on the photos below to check out their etsy shops.

photos {heart day recap}

ok, i know i'm super slack - but here's how our heart day went...
we weren't supposed to exchange gifts, just cards. i made matt a small felt book for his card. he bought me a shirt and a bottle of wine (not a good rule follower!).

i made the book using ali edwards' template printout. i based my felt book on hers but mine is much simpler and was super quick to put together.


photo {frog float committee}

a quick group picture of one of the foundation's event committees that's active right now. i'm the blonde in green. this is going to be an awesome event. check out its page on the website if you want.

{in the news}

some random thoughts on recent "headlines"...

Sports: Favre Announces Retirement

A sad day in our house...we all loved him. Football won't be the same without him. Not to mention, he's quite the cutie!

Politics: McCain Clinches GOP Nomination

He wasn't my favorite candidate. I did my part (voted), but what can you do?? Oh well.

Entertainment: American Idol Guys ...

Some serious "wow" factor going on last night. I think this might be the best year yet! These 5 are my favorites, but top honors from last night goes to David Cook. Who knew Lionel Richie songs could be rock hits???


{worth the time}

i found this on ali's blog...definitely worth the time to watch/read:

what i learned over the weekend {3.2}

the first official spring version of "what i learned over the weekend"! i learned...

  • that i didn't get anything accomplished this weekend (at least not the things i'd planned on)
  • the home depot design center in uptown charlotte is one of the coolest places ever.
  • the container store in charlotte didn't close like i thought it had. it never existed. i confused my stores. i was thinking of space savers, which is still open. but it was diappointing :(
  • spring has possibly sprung??? great weather this weekend and i spotted some daffodils and forsythia in bloom (my inspiration for the flickr mosaic)
  • we are getting a new couch and entertainment center ... wasn't planning on spending that kind of money when i woke up saturday morning.
  • night at the museum has some pretty big actors in it, and was a pretty good flick.
  • KITT is back and better than ever
  • there is one living plant in my yard, and it has tiny white blooms on it
  • rio doesn't require a leash when going potty.
  • spencer is a little out of practice (had his first baseball practice sunday)
  • the neighborhood posse is back in full effect.