{happy leap day}

it only comes once every four years - make something of it. happy leap year!!!


{a little of this and a little of that}

just a few random things that i felt like posting about...

just finished reading this book. i'm caught up on
Patricia Cornwell books, so I hadn't read one in a while. It was nice to read a Scarpetta novel again. Quick review at GoodReads.

i got The Notebook from Netflix and watched it on tuesday night. i had already read the novel by Nicholas Sparks, but that didn't do the least bit in preventing me from crying like a baby. i don't think i've ever sobbed at a movie like that. it was truly wonderful...dare i say it might've been better than the book???

anyone that knows me, knows that i love american idol. i was excited last week when the good stuff began (the top 24 - when we actually get to hear people sing). but i must confess i wasn't prepared for seeing the amazing performance that wrapped up tuesday night's episode. and, yes, i was right there with paula...sobbing. (i'd like to add a disclosure stating that it is total coincidence that i sobbed for no *normal* reason twice on the same night. it wasn't that time of month or anything...just a good movie and a great performance).

anyway...if you don't know what i'm talking about, david archuleta (at only 17 years of age) did the most moving version of john lennon's imagine. you can purchase the track at
itunes for 99 cents...probably well worth it. i think i might have to do that this weekend.


what i learned over the weekend {2.25}

here we go...
  • spencer has the flu (he was sick on friday, not officially diagnosed until sunday)
  • dream dinners is highly addictive (i suppose there are worse addictions)
  • painting my scrapbook closet is a bigger project than i originally thought
  • a quart of paint isn't enough...
  • red takes a lot of coats...
  • whoever installed our closet shelving must've planned for it never to come down
  • Super Bad is as obnoxious as i thought, but funnier than i expected (please don't watch this movie if you are easily offended...or offended at all, ever.)
  • spencer was more excited about dream dinners with sydney than i thought
  • spencer and sydney fight like brother & sister (or husband & wife)
  • spencer likes cheese manicotti (whoohoo)
  • jennifer lopez had twins


{365 challenge}

i got adobe photoshop loaded on my new laptop and i'm in the process of moving over all my photos and files. this is making it so much easier to edit and upload my daily photos. i'm not caught up yet, but did get a few more added at flickr.



i love browsing etsy...one day, i'm going to buy something! here are some things that caught my attention today (click on the photo to go to that artist's shop).


what i learned over the weekend {2.18}

i can't believe i forgot to post this on monday. so, here's what i learned over the weekend (don't expect to actually learn much; it was a boring weekend).
  • it feels really nice to sleep late once in a while
  • my dogs are some seriously jealous creatures
  • after reclaiming my house, i felt accomplished (even if i didn't do nearly as much as i was hoping)
  • having a yellow bedroom makes me smile
  • i have a super cool husband who lets me buy a super cool, red laptop on a whim
  • it's fun to watch sequel movies on consecutive days (oceans 12 and 13, in this case)
  • george clooney and brad pitt are hot...even if it's a cliche and expected for all women to think that
  • living in the south means getting a nice warm break from the cold, winter weather on occasion (even if it doesn't last long)
  • your debit card will be declined if you're spending over $500 and trying to use your pin (who knew????)


mosaic {teal & red}

for over two years i've been trying to decide what i want to do in my scrapbook room. i want more color but just couldn't figure out exactly what. finally, it has happened. i'm going to (eventually) paint the walls teal and use red accents. i'm really enjoying red & orange right now. i really like how red & teal look together, but i messed around on flickr to confirm it. i know it's not for everyone...but isn't it fun???


photo a day update

i've been keeping up with my 365 challenge, but i'm not doing as well with keeping them edited and uploaded! i got a few more added today...click here. i'm caught up through january.


layouts {dogs & school & foundation}

at the crop 2 weekends ago, i got a ton of layouts completed, but they were all very simple and basic. i simply don't have the time (or desire) to scan them all so here is a photo of all of them piled up. i completed 23 pages for my dogs 8"x8" album, 8 pages for spencer's 8.5"x11" album, and 4 pages for the foundation's 8.5"x11" album. oh, and cooper got some serious attention that weekend. everyone was oohing and aahing over his photos!

layout {edventure}

ok, so the scan quality here sucks. my new scanner really does not like any type of bulk. ugh.
anyway...the crop i went to 2 weekends ago included a couple of classes. we did this layout in one of them. i just added some pictures today from when we visited the kid's museum.


photos {dream dinners}

dream dinners is a place where you go and prepare a bunch of meals at once. you freeze them until you're ready to enjoy. spencer and i went with my sister and nephew on "bring a helper" night (when kids are allowed). spencer had a blast! we are scheduled to do it again next week! it has also really simplified meal time. we even took two frozen meals to the mountains with us!! more pictures here.


photos {cooper's first snow}

cooper's first introduction to the snow. he didn't know what to think about it. he growled at it and wouldn't step on it until we forced him. he was not a happy camper and kept sniffing it to try and figure out what it was! these pictures are almost a month old...


photos {oyster roast}

way behind on photo editing again...
new year's day oyster roast at my sister's house
photo below is spencer on the rope swing, which was a huge hit with all the kids (and several adults)
more pictures here.

what i learned over the weekend {2.10}

we went to the mountains over the weekend so you may notice a theme...
  • ice skating is like riding a bike...a little wobbly at first, but after a good 12 years, i was able to pull it off.
  • ice skating is not so easy for a 9 year old that doesn't know how to roller skate (did you know roller skating is so not cool anymore???)
  • snow tubing is awesome
  • gem mining in the winter...not a great idea
  • one weekend away = 2 weeks of nonstop laundry
  • high winds on top of a mountain, in a breezeway = super scary
  • i don't like steam rooms, but saunas are pretty cool (actually hot as heck, but you get the point)
  • i seriously need to diet and get a tan
  • in heaven, there will be hot tubs....lots of them
  • times they are a-changing (went to a sorority meeting after not having been to one since i graduated college almost 8 years ago...what an experience!).


what i learned over the weekend {2.3}

it's time for another installment of "what i learned over the weekend"...

  • for me, crops are for quantity, not quality (but i'll take it)
  • you can never have too much cheese
  • walking for exercise isn't that bad when the company is good
  • the patriots aren't invincible after all
  • my niece has good taste in music
  • it feels weird to not watch most of the super bowl
  • paula abdul doesn't still have it
  • i won our office's squares pool
  • my sister has way more will power for diet/exercise than i do
  • my neighbor makes a mean sausage & cheese dip