layout {ladies football clinic}

miracles never cease. i actually completed a scrapbook layout!!! the photos are from the ladies football clinic in 2005 (pathetic, i know). while i had some gamecock supplies out, i went ahead and made a father's day card for matt as well.


what i learned over the weekend {5.12}

here we go...
  • driving to my sister's house (about 3 hours) isn't much longer in a car than a normal work day for me.
  • surprising people (in a good way) is fun
  • ten year old girls are so different than boys
  • a full day of shopping is exhausting
  • i miss having a BW3s around...
  • trivia is super duper fun (especially when the people with you actually enjoy it too)
  • it's annoying when your morning coffee is screwed up
  • the people that works at mcdonald's are very thoughtful on mother's day (this comment did originate on the same day as the screwed up coffee comment - two different days and two different mcdonald's)
  • there really are mcdonald's everywhere
  • it's pathetic that the last three bullets (now four) have been about mickey d's
  • my brother-in-law is more anal than i am
  • i can make a slideshow/movie thingy from pictures. yay me.

what i learned on monday at 5:03 pm: blogger won't let me post a picture. darn it.


photos {dream dinners}

for our second trip to dream dinners, we invited brigitte & sydney to join us. spencer was a little under the weather, but still enjoyed himself (and really enjoyed the manicotti). sydney had a great time too - she's a little chef in the making!
more pictures here

photos {field trip}

back in february, matt joined spencer's class for a field trip to our state capital.


what i learned over the weekend {5.5}

once again, a little late...
  • spencer thinks its stupid that we recognize a mexican holiday (silly boy!)
  • if you try to fix a farmer's tan with precisely placed sunscreen, you will never get it "precisely placed"
  • summer is unofficially here (did we have spring?)
  • spencer's baseball team can look really good when they pull it all together
  • loyalty to a car dealership only goes as far as the pocketbook (it was hard to betray, but it was such a better deal)
  • it feels good, really good, to go to a gamecock sporting function when it's the off season (off season = all months where college football is not happening...sad, sad time of year).
  • i'm slowly, but surely, learning more about baseball (i have a feeling many years on the bleachers are in my future, so i might as well get comfortable)
  • it feels good to drive home one day and have new flowers blooming in the yard (granted, we don't have many, but it's still fun when it happens).

I'm still very behind on editing/posting my 365 challenge photos...but i did get some uploaded. see them here.