goal update {january 2011}

in early january, i laid out goals for the month based on my goals for 2011. my plan is all about taking baby steps to tackling bigger things and was partially inspired by the concept of 3 in 30, as presented by ap freewriting 101 and the tuckers take tennessee.

my concern was tackling eight mini-goals in a month might be too much. so, let's see how i did...

purchase and implement a system for organizing coleman's toys in our den. complete.
we are considering the addition of a toy box also, but right now, this is working well. my other small organizational project was the dresser in our bedroom.

{time management}
master using my new organizational binder and daily calendar. complete.
i have spent the month using these things daily. i absolutely adore my moleskin weekly notebook. it is truly perfect (particularly for work). though my new binder is bulky, it has been incredibly helpful to have everything together in ONE spot. i am thoroughly enjoying both pieces of my new process. i plan to post more detail on this now that i've tested it for a while.

{blog improvement}
choose a digital kit to use when re-designing the blog. complete.
i purchased a kit, at a great price. the colors are reflective of my *color crush*. as for blog content, i seem to be struggling the most with weekend posting. this is partially a good thing because it means i'm living life and enjoying my family. but i'd like to get better and scheduling posts to come out on the weekends.

{scrap studio}
re-claim the room from the havoc reaked during the holiday season. sort of complete.
i have worked on tidying up this room. a couple of times. and then it falls apart again. it's definitely in a better state than it was during the holidays, which is good. the bad thing is that i'm now planning two (back to back) parties in our house at the end of february. this room will become the "catch all" for party supplies and planning so i need a way to keep that organized and tidy!
as for scrapping...i didn't. but i did order a photobook from shutterfly of our december family photo shoot. i also ordered prints from snapfish that completes coleman's first year.

{weight loss}
this is actually going to be more of a three-fold goal. instead of just saying "lose 5 pounds" in january, i want more tangible & specific goals that will hopefully lead to weight loss. complete +.
  1. do the elliptical four times
  2. go on a walk four times
  3. brainstorm healthier meal ideas with matt
i did a lot more in this area than i set out here. i joined weight watchers and lost 6 pounds. i did the elliptical machine exactly 4 times (though it wasn't consistent each week, as i would prefer). i nixed #2 because it's just too darned cold. and, amazingly i got on my bicycle once (for a very leisurely ride) for the first time in probably two years! i can't say that we accomplished much with #3...i am eating healthier but not doing such a great job of working with matt on that.

for more details on my weight loss adventure, check out my weekly *dieting for dummies* series: january 16 + january 23 + january 30

{faith + spirtuality}
read 4 chapters of the New Testament every weekday morning. complete.
as of today, i've read through the Book of John and i'm currently in the Book of Acts.

put together a realistic monthly budget and review in detail with matt. complete.
this one got put off to the very end of the month. but, matt and i did finally sit down and review our february budget. we have vowed to discuss our finances more openly and consistently (instead of just letting me deal with everything). we also made a "wish list" together of bigger projects/purchases and prioritized them. as a bonus, we had our taxes done on the last day of the month. Wooohoo! nice to have that out of the way so early.

finish reverb 10 prompts here on the blog and write four journal entries. complete + half complete.
i did complete writing based on the reverb prompts, but i actually only completed two journal entries.

reflecting on the month:
i took a long look at this list after about 3 weeks into the month. i realized that i had done a great job in most areas. so, where was i struggling??? financial, scrap studio and writing. those became my priorities for the final week of the month. it's good to know my weak spots so i can make more effort next month.

coming soon: february goals


dieting for dummies {1.30}

total weight loss to date: 6 pounds
i only lost one pound this week. a little disheartening, but i am reminding myself that my original goal was only a pound per week. as long as i'm losing, we are good!

portion control:
when i eat with my family, i continue to put emphasis on portion control & wise choices. for instance, when matt made burgers for supper, i skipped the bun and asked him to make me a small one (he makes huge burgers). mine weighed in at 5 ounces. for additional flavor, i opted to dip my meat in a cucumber dip i'd just discovered that is only 40 calories per 2 tablespoons. it was quite tasty. instead of french fries, i chose to eat some bell pepper slices. i honestly didn't feel cheated and my options were so much more healthy!

weakness substitute:
one of my food weaknesses is that i love dips & spreads. i have started perusing the aisles of the grocery store for healthier options. for instance, i've been steering away from the cream cheese and choosing pimento cheese instead. i also purchased the cucumber dip mentioned above and some hummus, which is a great addiiton to (healthy) crackers. i spent some time reading the boxes in the cracker aisle and there are some pretty significant differences (keep an eye on how many crackers is considered a "serving"). my favorites right now are from Kellogg's Special K. 24 crackers are 120 calories -- not bad at all!

i'm pretty sure that raw spinach makes everything a bit better.
i have found it difficult to drink as much water daily as i should. i used to be really good at this, so i'm not sure why i'm struggling now. a few tips that i've implemented to help myself along.
  • don't drink as much coffee. this developed on its own as i began eating breakfast first thing in the morning (i was no longer relying on several cups of coffee as my only morning "nutrition"). not having a cup of coffee on my desk all morning means that i will reach for water when i'm thirsty.
  • water on the go. i make sure that i always have water with me in the car. since i'm in there at least 2 hours every weekday, it's important.
  • straws. i find that i drink more water if my container has a straw. right now, i do not have one of these at work and i need to fix that.
  • hot water. last week i mentioned that i was loving hot water with lemon (or lime). we have a water cooler at work that spits out hot water instantly. i love it. our office stays cold, in my opinion, so much of my daily water intake is through cups of hot water.
  • no soda. i know this is a weakness for some, but i'm lucky that i really don't care much for coke and such. once in a blue moon i will treat myself to a dr. pepper but it's rare and it's not something i miss.
  • carbonated water. i love carbonated water. i got some cans on sale a few weeks ago and use those as a "treat" when we're headed out in the car and stuff. the bubbles just make it seem special!


reverb10 {complete + recap}

as you may remember, i participate in a project called reverb10. the point was to write daily, based on prompts, for the month of december. i stated early on that i was backdating all of my posts so they would show up on the blog on the correct date, but i was late posting most all of them. so...here i am, almost a month later and i just wanted to share that  i am finally done. if you missed these posts (due to the backdating) and want to read them, there are a few easy ways to do that...

  • using the blog archive list on the left sidebar, choose december and you will see all of these posts begin with "reverb10" in the title.
  • using the labels list on the left sidebar, choose "story telling". this will bring up other posts as well, but it will include all of the reverb things.
  • using the search bar on the left, type "reverb" and you should get them all in your results.


coleman {23 months}

i'm a slack mama. coleman turned 23 months old on monday. (and i totally skipped 22 months due to the holidays). so, here's a snapshot of my little man...only one month from turning 2!!!
~ he has started saying "amen" after bedtime prayers ~
101225 Christmas Morning 48 - Coleman

~ he loves to line things up - toys, shoes, whatever ~

~ he can take his jacket off by himself ~
101225 Coleman with tee ball set 02

~ he independently walks up and down the stairs (supervised of course) ~

101226 Snow 17 - spencer, coleman copy

~ he experienced his first white christmas ~

~ he is saying more & more complete sentences ~

101226x Fiesta de Navidad 21 - coleman

~ he likes to tell us "bye-bye" and run to the front door ~

~ he loves watching *your baby can read* dvds ~

101229 Coleman playing with bibs 05

~ he climbs a lot. he will move his bigger toys and use them as steps to climb on other things. nothing is safe from his grasp! ~
101229 Bowling 07 - Bo + Coleman

~ he mimics everything we do. ~

~ he loves, loves, loves bathtime ~
101231 NYE + Bowl Game 06 - Coleman

~ he has a deep, hearty laugh. and he thinks it's hilarious ~

110104 Coleman mailing a letter at AJ's

~ he is defiant & independent. qualities i admire, but not so much in a toddler! ~

110108 Coleman's Haircut

~ he no longer has shaggy hair (enter sad face here) ~

110108 Coleman pooped after haircut and IKEA

~ he has learned to roll his eyes. it is funny ~

110109 Spencer + Coleman 06

~ he is all boy. so rough. ~

110110 Snow 18 - Coleman

~ his favorite phase is "i want phone" ~


web wednesday {prizes won}

this week's web wednesday is a bit different than normal. in the past two months, i've won two different giveaways online so i thought i'd share them here and publicly thank the bloggers who hosted them! giveaways are very common in the blogworld. you could spend hours a day entering them, if you chose. i try to limit my entries to things that would be truly exciting if i were to win. needless to say, i was tickled pink about both of these.

Ashley @ AP Free Writing 101 hosted a DaySpring Giveaway. And I WON! i had a blast shopping on their website using my $35 gift card. their site is full of wonderful faith-based products. i was able to purchase a few gifts, as well a couple of treats for myself. here are two of things i bought for me:
101225 Our Christmas Eve 11 - cookies for santa
i love these so much, i opted not to put them up with our christmas stuff so that i can use them year-round.

Michelle @ So, I Married a Mennonite hosted a Tommy Nelson Giveway. and I WON! i have heard a lot of wonderful things about tommy nelson's children's book but we didn't own any! i'm excited that his title, a christmas prayer, is now a part of our christmas book collection. i was also pleased to realize, when it arrived, that it's a board book - perfect for coleman!

thanks to ashley & michelle!!!


becky higgins photo challenge {look straight down}

a while back, becky higgins started posting occassional photo challenges on her blog. they were simple and doable...yet still intriquing. i shared the first one here: set your camera down. below is the fourth one (obviously, i'm not doing these in any particular order).

fourth: look straight down

101120 Coleman with puzzles 06

coleman adores playing with puzzles. of course, we are always finding bits and pieces everywhere, but it's worth it. his collection seems to keep growing...and he certainly doesn't seem to mind! (photo taken 11.20.2010)


celebrate monday {1.24}

this week's prompt: the silver lining

101203 Main Street Children's Museum 20

the silver lining: at least he has a good set of lungs
photo taken december 3, 2010 after forcing coleman to leave the children's museum


dieting for dummies {1.23}

this past week, i hit my first milestone of 5 pounds lost! my first 5lb reward was a short sleeve sweater, coordinating sparkly shirt and some matching bracelets for an upcoming trip (total cost = $30).

healthy mexican
one of my weaknesses is mexican food. it's one of the things that i knew i'd miss most. often times, when matt was working, i'd make a mexican concoction for supper. some combination of tortillas/chips, cheese, refried beans, cheese, ground beef, cheese, jalapenos, cheese...

well, it turns out i can have my cake mexican and eat it too. on a whim, i picked up an avocado at the grocery store. it's pretty bland so i added some cajun flavored powder stuff i found in my pantry. a wheat tortilla with the avocado and some black beans...pretty darned tasty!!!  and the next night, i ate the same thing but added a bit of spinach to my "wrap". point value? only SIX. and yes, it was actually quite filling.

italian wrap
after falling in love with the above-mentioned mexican wrap, i decided to try an italian version. i began with the same wheat tortilla and then layered pepperoni and mozzarella cheese (part-skim). i warmed it in the microwave enough to melt the cheese and then added raw spinach. the spinach just helps give it a bit more substance (in my opinion) and keeps it from getting too dry. i didn't have any, but a nice addition would have been to drizzle on some reduced fat italian dressing as well.

i've always felt like you had to drop alcohol completely to lose weight, but that's really not true. my drinks of choice are usually a glass of white wine or miller lite - both of which are 3 points. i found out that miller 64 is only 2 points and i enjoy that so i have made a point to purchase that for myself. as long as i have a decently controlled day, it's perfectly fine for me to add 3 or 6 points to some evenings. weight watchers note: i did learn that you can not use the WW point calculator with alcoholic beverages. the points will not be accurately counted due to the sugars in the alcohol.

food favorites: edamame, hot water with lemon, soup
yucky things that didn't work: plain greek yogurt with stuff added to it. not a fan.


web wednesday {1.19}

it's been a while since i've done a *web wednesday* and i have a lot of good stuff hanging out in my google reader. i hope you enjoy...

***crafting + home decor***
this fabric wreath was posted as a fall tutorial, but you could make it work for any season, holiday, event, etc. just but changing the fabrics you choose. i hope to try this one day. i love it!

***parenting + writing***

i'm intriqued by this book. as someone who loves to write, i hope to foster a similar love in coleman. i highly recommend reading this Q&A post as well. i love her comments about beginning a journal for your child early on. i would've never considered doing that for coleman (yet). i'm inspired :)
***digital scrapbooking + photo editing***
behavior charts - love that these are practical for young kids
***parenting + faith***
two good reads at the mob society:


celebrate monday {winter's magic}

yesterday's celebrate monday prompt over at simple scrapper was *winter's magic*...a pretty appropriate choice after the entire country (except florida) got snow last week!

i already shared the details of our snow day with you, but what i didn't cover were the more hidden stories behind our day of winter magic.

110110 Snow 36 - Spencer + Coleman copy

this photo represents so many things. i love that it captures spencer still being able to have foolish fun, despite that he's a texting, girl-crazy tweener. i love that it shows our inadequate winter wardrobes and our tiny little underused sled. i love that the grass is still popping up through the snow on the ground, illustrating that it doesn't take many inches to get southerners excited about a snowfall. i love that the snow is still falling. but none of those tell the most important story of all...

the best story is the story of two brothers. a reckless toddler that idolizes his older sibling, yelling "bubba" everytime he hears someone walking downstairs - even if his bubba isn't at home. an almost teenager who is often too absorbed in video games or texting to give anyone the time of day...anyone except his little brother - his "cinnamon", which is his term of endearment for coleman. that day, on the snowy hill, my toes were frozen, but my heart was warm as i watched a 12 year old boy take such good care of his 22 month old baby brother. i swelled with pride first when he wanted us to trust him enough to let little man go down the hill with him. then again, when he'd use his body to protect him if the ride didn't go quite as planned. i loved when coleman & i were about to go inside, that spencer insisted coleman needed just one last ride down the hill. and when that ride ended roughly, i was proud of spencer for feeling badly that coleman cried, and couldn't help but chuckle that coleman cried much harder when we walked away, taking him home and making him leave his big bubba. the snow was wonderful, but the real magic was in the time spent together.


music monday {bruno mars}

music monday is back and in full effect for 2011 (how you like that throwback lingo?). and actually by "full effect" i really mean "back whenever i feel like posting one". anyway...

today's feature is a current artist that is actually not country and though HE has nothing to do with glee...there is a glee backstory (of course, right?). so, i totally have a music crush on bruno mars right now. spencer likes to take full credit, but really glee started it, and then spencer played a vital role in developing the whole love affair.

several weeks ago, i saw a music video for a song called "grenade". it was new and i said "hmmm, that's pretty good." matt liked it, too. later we'd find out, so does spencer. i commented on the guy's goofy name. i mean, please tell me a mother wouldn't actually name their child bruno mars. after subscribing to rhapsody, spencer was pulling up more bruno mars and guess what??? i actually new two of his other songs and loved them. wanna guess how i knew them? yup, that's right - they'd already been covered by glee. (i told you this guy was good...TWO glee songs already!).

at a later date, spencer and i decided we had to wikipedia this fellow to see if his mama really did name him that. (she didn't). during our research, we learned that he also co-wrote a couple of other great recent (and glee-covered) songs including forget you and billionaire.

so, without further delay, here is the grenade video. below you will find links to all of the other bruno songs that i love (and their glee counterparts). this should give you at least an hour of great music. enjoy!

just the way you are - bruno mars
     this is actually a really cute video
just the way you are - glee cast 
    i could not find a version that actually included the show footage

marry you - bruno mars
     couldn't find the official video for this one (maybe there isn't one???)
marry you - glee cast
love this song. love this scene. totally makes me want to go renew my vows with matt. can you see us dancing down the aisle like that??? uh, NO!
on another note, spencer even agrees that the glee version of this is better than bruno's.

forget you - cee-lo
    for the record, this song is awesome, but this guy can NOT sing. and the *real* version uses another "f" word instead of "forget"...not nice. the link is to a clean version.
forget you - glee cast (gweneth paltrow)
     this is SO much better!!! this is why glee is great. they can un-ruin a song (yes, i just made up a word)

billionaire - travie mccoy
     until i went looking on you tube for this link, i didn't realize there is a non-clean version to this song too. they love the 'f' word :(  as a side note, it's ridiculous that this is actually considered travie mccoy's song when bruno mars is really doing the vocals, but whatever!
billionaire - glee cast

this little fellow, bruno, is obviously a talented songwriter. he's already been busted for cocaine possession (right before his first album debuted in the fall, go figure). i hope he doesn't get caught up in the bad ways of hollywood and waste his talents.


dieting for dummies {1.16}

it's been exactly one week since i joined weight watchers. it's been years since i have made any real attempt to lose weight, eat healthy, exercise...any of that stuff i should be doing everyday. regardless of my complete inexperience in this realm, i want to share my journey here. so, welcome to dieting for dummies. it will be a blog series that will allow me to document this path. i will share things i've learned, things i think...ya know, whatever!

so, after a week ... here's what is going on inside my little brain. keep in mind, at this point...there is nothing helpful here, but more my revelations and reflections. hopefully, as time passes i will be able to provide more useful information!
  • it's amazing that i don't weigh a ton. the reality of my bad eating habits has really hit home. eating out a lot. fast food. pizza. snacking on whatever. all the bad stuff and none of the good.
  • i need a digital scale.  i have had an 'old school' scale forever. it works fine, but when you are monitoring individual pounds, it's a bit hard to read. i need to invest in a nice, digital scale.
  • ranch dressing breaks my heart. i don't crave sweet stuff (often). but homemade ranch dressing is a ridiculous weakness of mine. and it's bad. lots and lots of WW points.
  • ww tip: use the points. weight watchers gives you daily points, then you get weekly points as 'extras' and then you can earn activity points from exercising. my type-a personality has me wanting to stay under those daily points and not diving into the others i'm allowed very often. relaxing a little on this will make things easier.
  • nights out are OK. i was a little worried about going out for matt's birthday (dinner & drinks). i did exceed my daily allotment by a good bit, but because of the 'extra' points mentioned above, it was totally OK!
  • veggies are yummy. the majority of fruits & veggies do not have any WW points. as a result, i stocked up on more than usual. what's interesting is that i don't personally have anything against most fruits & vegetables. many taste pretty good. but i rarely eat them...weird. this week, i've been able to create some tasty meals and snacks at very low point values.
  • the first week is the hardest. even though i've only been doing WW for a week, i started watching what i was eating about a week before that. during that period, i felt very hungry and unsatisfied. this has improved greatly. i think it's an adjustment period that your body goes through. or it might be that i started doing a better job of finding healthy foods that are filling.
  • exercise doesn't kill you.  in the past 5 days, i've gotten on the elliptical machine three times (30 minutes each). i'm pretty sure this is a record for me. and it really isn't that bad. lack of time is the biggest issue (the unplanned snow days are what helped this past week).
  • start your day with breakfast. i get up at 5:00 and don't eat breakfast until after i get to work (3+ hours later). sometimes i never eat it. i've always heard you should eat breakfast early. so, one of the big changes i've made is that i now eat breakfast before i even have a cup of coffee. that is huge for me. it really makes a huge difference in how i feel (and has reduced the amount of coffee i drink).
  • stocking my desk.  i made sure i brought in a bunch of healthy lunch and snack options to my office. i needed to make sure i didn't have an excuse to swing by mcdonald's.
some of my food favorites this week:
  • black beans
  • spinach (raw...can't stand it cooked)
  • whole wheat tortillas
  • avocado
  • multi-grain cheerios
  • special k cracker chips (sour cream & onion)
in conclusion...i'm pretty sure that my weight loss for the week was around THREE POUNDS (refer to my above comment about my scale as to why i don't have a more precise number).

note: i added a new label called "health/fitness" which is where i will put these sorts of posts.


party {new year's eve}

we had a few friends over on new year's eve to watch the bowl game. since we often have football parties, i decided to gear the decorations to new year's eve instead. i kept it simple and easy. i didn't do a great job of getting photos (of the decor or people). but here are a few shots.

we have never hosted anything for new year's before, so i didn't have any decorations. i was able to pull this together very inexpensively by hitting the holiday clearance section at wal-mart. i chose a silver/white color scheme because i knew it would be easy to put together with things i already owned (i have very little gold).

101231 NYE + Bowl Game 03

i bought silver tinsel and ornament balls which i used to fill these clear vases that i already own. the silver ribbon was also purchased on clearance. i used silver chargers throughout the bar and food table. these were purchased at target for 50% off the day after christmas. they are not christmasy at all and i plan to use them with my regular china which is white & silver (pieces of which were also used on new year's eve).
101231 NYE + Bowl Game 02

i already owned this cheesy silver "spray" centerpiece. i jazzed it up by placing it on a charger, covering the base with tinsel and then surrounding it with ornaments. on clearance, i bought a roll of silver wrapping paper that was not christmasy. i used it to cover the bar area and also put a strip across the food table (on top of a white table cloth). i tried to use all white, silver or clear serving pieces, etc. two small things i purchased (at full price) were a pack of black confetti and a pack of large silver stars.

the night before party, i had absolutely no plan for what i was going to do. so, given that everything was purchased and pulled together the day of the event, i think it turned out pretty well!


photos {snow day}

it's hard to believe we had two snows within a couple of weeks! this "storm" landed about 4" in our yard before turning over to sleet. we were lucky to have a good day of snow fun on monday. by tuesday, everything was solid ice (and our backyard is still covered). i ended up working from home 3 days and spencer missed 3.5 days of school.

110110 Snow 08
our home
110110 Snow 17 - Spencer + Matt copy
when we realized this snow wasn't good for snowball fights and building snowmen, we pulled out the sled. first we tried it in the road. here spencer is trying to push matt down the hill. it didn't work.
110110 Snow 18 - Coleman
110110 Snow 23 - Colton + Tara copy 2
colton and tara joined us for our time in the snow. thanks to a heads up from another family, we headed down the street for a better sledding location.
110110 Snow 24 - Spencer
this worked much better.

110110 Snow 31 - Matt + Coleman copy
matt took coleman for a spin. he loved it.
110110 Snow 33 - Holly copy
even i took a few spins down the hill.
110110 Snow 36 - Spencer + Coleman copy
sledding brothers.
110110 Snow 42 - Spencer
i have no idea what is going on in this picture. but i like it.
110110 Snow 44 - Spencer copy

110110 Snow 47 - Spencer + Coleman

110110 Snow 43 - Spencer + Matt + Coleman copy
my boys
110110 Snow 45 - Colton + Tara copy
colton & tara
110110 Snow 48 - Matt + Coleman
later in the day, we decided to go out again. we tied a rope to the sled and used it to pull coleman down the street.
110110 Snow 51 - Coleman + Spencer
it was sleeting by now, so we didn't keep coleman out quite as long. here he is taking one last ride with spencer before we headed home (matt, warren & spencer stayed out for a while longer).


color crush {yellow + gray}

for a short while now, i've had a huge color crush on the yellow/gray combination. it came about very accidentally. we painted our bedroom yellow a long time ago (matt's choice), but didn't really do any other design changes. then we painted our master bathroom gray (my choice), and again, didn't make any other design improvements. after many months, it clicked.

we had unintentionally created the most wonderful color combination for our bedroom. but i love the colors in many other facets and have worked it into my wardrobe a few times. as we make small improvements to our bedroom, i find myself constantly searching "gray and yellow" at etsy. so, today...i thought i'd share some of my favorite finds.

these colors make me happy. if i were getting married right now, i'd totally use this for my colors. and if i were having a baby girl...perfect nursery. but since neither of those is happening, i will stick to bedroom design and my wardrobe.

clutch by frankielloyd ~ save the date announcement by kimscustomgifts ~ wedding invitation set and wedding tree by inviting moments ~ hand blown glass vase by solidified breath ~ 5 little elephants print by amandakindregan ~ alphabet print by appleblossomprint ~ optic blossom pleated bag  ~ polka dot posy ~ rain or shine rosette bib necklace by sweetapple30 ~ lemonade rain cabled scarflette by kerreraskye ~ ruffle diaper cover by raegun ~ coupon organizer by jimmypickles ~ poppy flowers headband by vivatregina ~ wool felted bowl by thelandofg ~ pom pom hat by mocha922


{weight watchers}

as you should know, one of my goals is to lose some weight this year. i decided to go ahead and join weight watchers, which i officially did last night. as you are probably aware, anytime i start a new project, i usually talk about it here. so i am sure that i will be posting about my weight loss adventures. if you don't care, i hope you'll keep coming back anyway and just skip them.

Weight Watchers Meetings

a few things about this upcoming adventure...
  • i understand that i'm not obese. (i'm not stupid either). i am technically in my "healthy weight range". the problem is that i'm way at the top of it and i want to be way down at the bottom.
  • i was hesitant to commit to the monthly expense of the weight watchers program but i think the organization, tracking and resources will really help me.
  • a dear friend of mine is taking the journey with me. yay!!!!
  • my schedule is finally clear enough in the evenings that it's not a huge deal to commit to weekly meetings.
  • i am also participating in a 14-week "biggest loser" program on a local message board of mommies. more support is always better.
  • my husband is not a healthy eater. he has said he will be supportive, but he will not. (want an example? today for lunch he made burgers with fries & tots cooked in the fry daddy. seriously!).
  • i hate, hate, hate to exercise. i'm one week into this and haven't done anything "official". this is my biggest hurdle
  • my long-term goal (let's say...by summer???) is to be at the bottom of my healthy range which would be 21 pounds lost. my short-term goal is to lose one pound per week for the first 14 weeks.
so...there you have it. the basic beginning to a new commitment. we'll see how it goes!


2010 {blog recap}

in early august, i decided to sign up for google analytics. considering that i'm an analyst, and i'm anal, and i love my blog...i was pretty sure i'd be obsessed with checking my stats. i was quite surprised, maybe even impressed, that i have not done that. on the contrary, i rarely check it. (for those that are not familiar, this is a site that will provide stats on your blog about visitors, traffic, etc).

on a few blogs, i noticed folks were posting their 10 most popular posts from last year. i'm all about some lists so i figured this would be a good time to check out my stats! below you will find the most visited blog posts of 2010 (technically only august through december).

if you're new to the chronicles, this is a quick & easy way to see what other folks have been enjoying.

and since we're talking about this blog and last year, let's get a little mushy (just for a minute, i promise). i don't blog for money. i don't blog to get famous. i blog as a creative release. i love to write. i love photos. i like to share things. that's why i'm here. it is so super cool to know that anyone actually takes a minute of their day and comes by to visit. my blog doesn't get a ton of traffic, but when i look at my stats, i'm blown away by the fact that so many people have been here at some point - and from so many places (russia, france, argentina...those are just a few of the 52 different countries!). so whether you know me in my for-real-life or you are a complete stranger, thank you.

101022 Conway Visit 02 - Michelle + Holly

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there were actually three of these in the top 10, so i'm grouping them together.

(10)   {the picture}

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bear with me.
i was wondering how on earth my #3 post for the second half of 2010 was something i'd written back in august of 2009...and it was just photos of us attending a gamecock fan appreciation day. random. so, i started digging around on google analytics (there is SO much cool stuff there), and i started to figure it out. i got 15 unique visitors just from the keyword search "spencer lanning" (gamecock kicker) and nine of them were on the day we played in the SEC championship game. who knew! (well, google knew). oh, the beloved internet...such a weird little creature it is!