So glad to be done...

The first two photos are of an 8"x8" album that I did for Spencer's teacher. The last photo is a box full of most, not all, of the 6"x6" pages I did for the 18 students in his class. I was more than thrilled to have these finally finished!!!


Layout - Ed Brown's Rodeo

This is my entry for a "Survivor Challenge". I was sent specific things that I had to use on the layout, which were: applique flowers, mailbox numbers, denim glittered trim, metal flower charm, blue safety pin, white photo corners and shell buttons. I also had to use some stamping, which I snuck in with those small star/flower looking things on the journaling blocks.

To this I added the background patterned paper (Cosmo Cricket), a brown ink pad (Ink It Up) and some journaling (fonts: Rage & Sprocket).

Layout - Silly

Another "real" layout. I think this paper is just something from the Dollar Tree. I took some die cut letters I had and painted them to better coordinate. Also brushed some watered down paint over the polka dotted strips of paper.

Journaling reads "Most activities with Chip end up being fun and silly. His birthday was no exception!"

Layout - Father's Day

It's hard to believe it, but I finally created a layout that wasn't for someone else and wasn't school-themed. Feels good.
These papers are from K&Co's hopscotch line. I love 'em. I covered a MM chipboard letter.
Journaling just says: "Maybe not the best father's day in history...Jim's day began with car troubles. Britt & Matt spent most of the day helping with that. But then maybe that's what it's all about...helping loved ones when they need it. All in all - good stuff with nice gifts and quality family time. And look at these three generations of handsome Blackwell men."

School Layouts

Between the crop a few weekends ago, and then a crop night a friend's house this weekend, I've been able to put a dent in Spencer's school album. I won't bore you with all of the pages - they are relatively basic. But here are a few highlights. These photos range from Kindergarten through 2nd grade. I'm entirely done with K and 1st, but still have plenty to do with 2nd. My goal is to be caught up before he starts 3rd in the fall.


The last baseball game...

Spencer's last baseball game of the season was this Saturday. Unfortunately they lost and are therefore not going to the playoffs. However, they did receive their trophies afterwards, which always helps to smooth things over. Spencer had some good hits and was able to get a run in. Cooper went to the game with us too - he's even the team colors! (Rio's too much of a spaz around new people to take somewhere crowded like this.)

Spencer's Award Ceremony

Wednesday is Spencer's last day of school. This past Friday was his awards ceremony. Here is a picture of him with his teacher (and another student). Isn't she cute? She's pregnant so she made Spencer stand in front of her belly. She's been really awesome this year!
Spencer's award this year was for Leadership. He also got one of two awards for his grade from the Media Center.

Cooper's First Bath

After we got rid of Cooper's little pests at the vet, of course he needed a bath after having been out in the wild. Matt took on the task himself, not knowing how he'd react. Luckily, his personality was consistent.
Cooper obviously didn't *love* the bath, but he was incredibly well-behaved. He did his "happy dance" for quite a while afterwards.


Isn't this sweet?

This is what Spencer wrote inside the card for his teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week. He had no help at all. I thought it was pretty sweet for a boy.


Night with the Knights

Several weeks ago, Spencer's baseball team attended a Knights Game (our local minor league team). There were a bunch of little league teams there and they all walked around the field at the beginning of the game and the teams were announced.

However, the Knights are associated with the White Sox, which happens to be the name of Spencer's team. So, they got the royal treatment. Before the game, the kids were all sent really nice White Sox jerseys. At the game, they were the "Dream Team". They got t-shirts and stayed out on the field before the game. They talked to the players, got autographs, stood with the team during the national anthem, etc. Then, each player's name was announced as he ran onto the field with one of the real players. Very cool!

In the first picture (white t-shirts), Spencer is 4th from the right. In the 2nd picture (black shirts), Spencer is in the very back, 2nd from the left. He and his friend also purchased "used game bats" and were SO excited.


Meet our new family member

Most of you probably saw the post about Caroline, the dog we were going to adopt. Things did not work out with her, and now I know why. I believe everything happens for a reason...and this is that reason. Meet Cooper.
Cooper is a Jack Russell that just starting hanging around the neighborhood one day. It was obvious that he had been outside for a short while, but that he'd also been well cared for at some point.
All of the neighbors fed him and laid out towels for him to sleep on. For weeks, he'd come and go. We all tried to find his home and owner - newspaper ads, online ads, calling local vets, etc. But all to no avail.
So, Matt & I decided that we would take him in as our own. He was covered in fleas and ticks so we took him to the vet to get cleaned up. Now, he's a happy member of our family!!!
I love having a little "lap dog". He's so sweet and lovable. As you can see, Spencer loves him as well. Rio's reaction was a little iffy at first, but after a day, he seems to have accepted him as well. Cooper is house-trained, well-tempered, loves kids, tolerates other animals...overall, a really great dog! And the vet thinks he is only a year and a half old. We are looking forward to many happy memories with Cooper...and now I have to start a 2nd dog scrapbook.
I've included an update shot of Rio as well...can't have him feeling left out!


Earth Day

There's a local Earth Day festival at the Anne Springs Close Greenway that is super cool. This is the same place we go to ride horses sometimes...great place overall.
Once a year there's this celebration and it's totally free. There is all the normal wildlife there to see (tons of animals), and they bring in other animals as well. You can milk a cow, see how bees make honey (and sample the goods), etc. They offer cane pole fishing and canoe rides (see below). This year they had a man helping the kids make small clay pots on a pottery wheel. There's a swinging bridge over a creek. Lots of informational booths. They always have several different crafts set up. They even have free bottled water along the trails (it's pretty long walks to get to everything). Just a cool thing. I admire people who take their financial blessings and do good things for the environment and the community. This is the 3rd year we've gone and we truly look forward to it every year.


NSD/Cinco de Mayo Crop

My mom, sisters and I went to a crop on National Scrapbooking Day and Cinco de Mayo. Tons of fun - mexican food, the maracas game and a pinata! Tons of free stuff.
That's me on right with the glasses. My oldest sister Sherry is sitting. On the left is the middle sister Michelle. Mom's in the middle (the rose between the thorns, at least that's what she says).

Baseball Pictures

I haven't posted pictures of Spencer's last several baseball games (I know they can all start to look the same). Here are a few favorites.


Occassional Milkshake

These are good guys with big hearts. This group, Occassional Milkshake, is actually a group of groups. Following me?
They all belong to different bands and come together to perform " on occasion" (get it? the name of the band???).
Anyway, they did a St. Patty's Day fundraiser for the foundation and are just good guys. One of them even said he didn't know much about autism so he researched it prior to coming. It sounds as if they are going to commit to an annual event too!
Two of the guys are from The Blue Dogs, two are from Hootie and the Blowfish and one is from Cravin' Melon.


Teacher Appreciation

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I made 9 cards for Spencer's related arts teachers at school. I used kraft cardstock and stamped the front with paint and foam alphabet stamps. Inside I included a class photo and three cropped sheets of notebook paper for the kids to sign. A volunteer mom got the kids to sign them.

Finally Finished!!!!

You might recall back in October, I started a "Page a Day" Album. Well, I did a great job of taking the photos and keeping track of my journaling each day in October. However, it took me a tad longer to actually complete the album - like six months longer!!! So, here I am, at the beginning of May, and I have finally finished this thing. It's a really cool snapshot to have but I must confess that I'm happy to be done!
I decided to spare you and not post every page, but I did use all papers from Kaleidoscope.

NSD Crop

Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day. Me and one of my sisters drove down to where my mom and other sister live. We spent all day Saturday at a local store's crop. It lots of fun and we really racked up on goodies. The cost was only $15. We cropped from 11 am to 9 pm. They provided lunch, drinks and snacks - TONS of food. We got a goodie bag at the beginning that was worth more than $15 in and of itself. Then we proceeded to get prizes all day as we played the Maracas Game and busted a pinata filled with scrapbooking supplies.

The first photo are the goodies that I purchased. She gave us 40% off one item and I invested in the EK Success Curvy Cutter. I've been eyeing this ever since I heard it'd do 12" circles. Very cool. I also got some puzzle piece chipboard letters. The "punch out" portions are normal letters but the outside is a puzzle piece. Perfect for the autism foundation scrapbook.
The 2nd photo are the goodies that I won. The SEI album kit was a bigger prize that I won for a game attached to the pinata. Other stuff includes: SEI paper, small ink pads, transparency, buttons, gemstones, brads, stickers, rubon alphabet, t-shirt iron-on, make-n-take kit, alphabet stickers (x2).


Happy May Day!

It's truly hard to believe it's May already.

Reflecting on April, I'm sad to report that I did practically NO scrapbooking, especially for myself. And I certainly didn't meet my monthly goal. I was able to get the foundation's scrapbook caught up for the golf tournament (but of course now I'm behind again since I have more golf pictures to scrap). I also managed to finally finish up my Page a Day album from October (crazy that it took me that long!). Other than that...not much of anything.

The good news is that I'll be cropping this Saturday (National Scrapbooking Day) with my mom and two sisters.

Here's a fun little Maypole picture for ya!