week in the life {thursday - july 28}

day four...

supposedly, the mid-week days are the worst for picture taking...i like to help prove statistics correct (apparently). i was actually kind of shocked when i realized i only had six photos...and not very good ones at that!

Thursday: potty time

cooper peeing...now, isn't that something that you really wanted to see????

Thursday: all of my work junk...

this is my load of crap that leaves with me in the morning. it's pretty ridiculous (and this is a day i don't even have to take coleman - and his stuff - to daycare!!!). so, what is all of this "must have" stuff????
pocketbook. work bag. lunch bag. grocery bag of food (that wouldn't fit in the lunch bag - not a daily thing, but typical after a grocery trip). coupon binder. tennis shoes. travel coffee mug. folder with some papers that i needed (and i was too lazy to put in my work bag????).

Thursday: wraslin'

matt + spencer wraslin' (that's wrestling for those of you that don't live in the South). they do this a lot. and have forever. sometimes it's cute. sometimes it's funny. sometimes it's annoying. (i'd like to blame the difference on them, but i'm pretty sure it has a lot more to do with my mood!)

Thursday: rio

i realized at this point that i had taken two pictures of cooper and none of rio. the nice thing about this pain-in-the-arse dog is that when you call him and tell him to pose for a picture, he actually does. he's better trained than the rest of the boys in our house!

Thursday: Spencer watching Matt play video games

spencer watching matt play video games. their most often played game is call of duty (whatever the newest one is that month). they can play two players, but for some reason don't like to do that (???) so they take turns. i think it's weird, but i'm a girl.

Thursday: daredevil Coleman sporting his newest baseball (a gift from grandma Sharon)

matt dressed coleman today and happened to put him in the newest baseball tee, which was a gift from my mom (a.k.a. grandma sharon). i took this (horrible) photo to send to her. but now that i'm looking at it, i don't remember if i ever did. DUH! oh well, she will probably read this blog post and then she will know that her adorable grandson looked nice (and blurry) in his new shirt.

*all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards


week in the life {wednesday ~ july 27}

day three...

Wednesday: breakfast in the office

an apple for breakfast at the office. i'm a horrible breakfast eater. i never eat anything at home. sometimes i get around to something at work. i try to remember to bring in some easy things (fruit, granola bars, etc). i get up at 5:00 and don't get into work until 8:00. most days, i don't touch food until at least 9:00. this is not a good habit and i know it.

Wednesday: life binder

my life binder. or home management binder. or whatever trendy name you choose... i look at this now and think "when the h*ll did i have time to make this look cute???"...whatever. parts of this are really working for me, parts are not. i need to re-think it a little bit. but overall, i like it and glad i put it together!

Wednesday: work to-do list

my work to-do list. at the front of a moleskin notebook. i love lists. i love moleskin. i love narrow-ruled paper (yes, that's weird and i'm ok with that). a list on narrow-ruled paper in a moleskin notebook with bunches of things scratched out and some sticky notes added in...pretty much this is a snapshot of what heaven looks like! do you think God has a to do list? probably not. but i bet his angels do. i mean, working for God...that's a tough gig, right???

Wednesday: today's outfit. Casual (no work meetings)

my work outfit. i wore jeans because...well, because i could. this sheer striped shirt is ridiculously old. i think it's from old navy...like, before the logo update. crazy.

Wednesday: grocery shopping at Harris Teeter

when i started going into the office everyday (as opposed to working from home twice a week), part of the agreement was that i'd leave early a few days. it's a tough thing...a constant battle of where i'm "supposed" to be...the balance of work and family. today, i did leave early and hit the grocery store on my way home. here you see the bread section of harris teeter, my most often shopped local grocer. (perfect example of being torn: upon entering the store, i had to pull my cart over - next to the nice floral displays - and send a couple of emails to deal with some open issues.)

Wednesday: coupon binder

and no grocery trip is complete withput my coupon binder. i've been at it for a while now...around two years, i believe. the "glory" of saving money is long gone. but now that i know what can be saved, it's impossible to accept full retail. i struggle with keeping my coupons clipped and filed in a timely manner, and i don't save as much money as i used to, but i'm still living the dream ... one doubled coupon at a time.

Wednesday: full grocery cart

and the final product... the full buggy. (that's what we call shopping carts in the South). see my list on the left? yes, it's typed. spencer makes fun of me. i yell at him. no we don't eat that many potato chips, but when they are buy two get three free, ya gotta stock up. it's a rule. well, a rule for those of us that have no regards for our health. but whatever.

Wednesday: yummy yogurt snack

speaking of health...here is my precious toddler eating yogurt. that's healthy, right??? granted, it's "fun" yogurt. and it's not organic. and it's probably not that good for you. but maybe. of course the sad part is that i'm not crazed enough to even know if it's good for him or not. oh, and he's eating this a few minutes before dinner. because that's how we roll.

Wednesday: at home outfit

and here i am in my not-work clothes. because they are so dramatically different than my snazzy work clothes, right? i found this camo shirt tucked in the back of my closet. i haven't worn it since my weight loss. which actually means i haven't worn it in years because i was too fat to wear it but i really like it so i refused to get rid of it in the hopes that i wouldn't be fat and could squeeze into it again. and i did. thank you very much. (p.s. please do not point out the muffin top because that will totally ruin the moment for me.)

Wednesday: to go from the white horse

speaking of muffin tops...this is what causes them. not the salad. maybe the croutons and bacon bits and chicken strips...but really...it's that darned ranch dressing. it's heaven in a plastic tub (not to be confused with the moleskin heaven...cuz that's different). oh, if you're wondering - this deliciously unhealthy salad is a to go order from the white horse, which a local restaurant that my husband adores...i don't get it. well, maybe a little because their ranch dressing is heavenly...did i mention that? wanna know why we ordered out after i spent two hundred dollars at the grocery store? me too. matt's logic..."i saved thirty bucks on your tires today, let's order white horse." ummm....ok?

*all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards

week in the life {tuesday ~ july 26}

day two...

today was unusual because i worked from home. though i used to do this a couple of times a week, it's now an exception to the rule. the original plan was for matt, spencer and i to spend our afternoon helping out at the fundraiser golf tournament that his baseball team/facility was coordinating...

but alas, life happened. with tires to be replaced, walls to scrub, and carpet to shampoo...volunteering wasn't going to fit into our day.

Tuesday: this is the face you get when you try to take a picture of a 2 year old when he first gets up!

when i work from home, i forfeit the 5 a.m. alarm and let this little fellow wake me up. a very loud "mommy" hollered through the baby monitor is my wake up call. we stumble downstairs...and i plop him on the kitchen table (cuz that's safe, right???) while i let the dogs out. then i take his picture (which apparently this little booger doesn't appreciate!)

Tuesday: love my keurig

and then there's the coffee. coleman loves to help me make "fockee" with our keurig. (for the record, it's very unusual for the dogs to be let out before my coffee is brewed. i'm just mean like that. they must've really been making a racket to win over "fockee"). oh, and this coffee cup is totally christmas...but i love it and refuse to put it away with my christmas decorations. it has a matching small plate that i also leave out year round.

Tuesday: early morning snuggles. love them!

oh, the glory of the early morning snuggle. i mean...really???? what could be any sweeter than this? mornings for coleman and i include cuddling in matt's recliner with the red blanket (over my lap, under his legs)...coffee and milk on the table...mickey mouse on tv. and did i mention snuggles and cuddles?

Tuesday: Cooper says good morning

apparently cooper thought he needed some early morning snuggles also. which is weird. normally he's happy and content hanging out on the sofa alone, still in a bit of an early morning slumber...happy to be left to himself. i have no idea why he felt compelled to not only jump on my lap, but get all up in my bizness. see the look on my face? that says it all.

Tuesday: donation for silent auction

after matt and i realized that volunteering at the golf tournament was not going to happen, i put together the silent auction donation for the event. a friend of mine donated the thirty-one tote and i filled it with duct tape and glues. later in the day, matt dropped it off at the country club.

Tuesday: wiping our smoky walls with chemical sponges

matt and spencer wiping the walls down with dry chemical sponges. i don't even know what that is or why it supposedly works. what i do know is that spencer "working" only lasted about 30 seconds after this photo was snapped. but poor matt...he worked his tail off trying to get our house to smell better.

Tuesday: text from Scott about USC QB coach

no summer is complete without some ridiculous gamecock scandal, right? and of course it has to involve the law and alcohol. and lucky for us, this time it also included peeing in public...by a COACH???? we got the news via text message from matt's best friend, scott.

Tuesday: my drinks (coffee, water, root beer)

my collection of drinks from the day...first it was coffee, then some water with lunch, and an afternoon treat of root beer. in a koozie of course. i simply can not drink a canned drink without a koozie. i'm not very high maintenance, but i gotta have a koozie.

Tuesday: Spencer working on his summer reading

as is typical, spencer has put off his summer reading until very late in the game. here he is finishing up the first of two books that he has to read before school starts.

Tuesday: my super sexy work-at-home outfit

here i am, looking all sexy in my work-from-home outfit. these long shorts are totally not flattering on me, but are incredibly comfy (and i got them dirt cheap at old navy). the long gamecocks sweatshirt is randomly yellow, but also super comfy. and yes, there is a heat wave. but my husband keeps our house frigid, so i'm always dressed for winter when i'm indoors. it's actually shocking that i'm wearing shorts. do you like my hair? i styled it special for the picture...

Tuesday: what happens when a 2 yr old picks out his own socks and shoes

this is what happens when a two-year-old picks out his own shoes and socks. but whatever...i happen to think his quirkiness is his most endearing personality trait. look at those calves...dang!

Tuesday: Spencer still in his PJs at 5pm...playing ball with his little brother

spencer is such a good "bubba"...constantly playing baseball with coleman. i mean, really...i'm not exaggerating. ok, maybe a tad...he does have to eat, sleep and pee. but other than that, he is almost always entertaining and playing with his brother. so sweet!

Tuesday: I'm trying to decide if I drink enough beer, maybe the house will start to smell good.

i can not stand drinking bud light. but for some reason, bud light lime...tolerable. no, it's actually good. it's a great light, summery beer. and at this point in time, i wondered to myself "if i drink enough of these, will my house start to smell good?". it never smelled good...so i guess i didn't drink enough.

Tuesday: boys playing soccer, matt playing video games, and machine #2 has joined the family.

what a great snapshot of our life. you can see our "machine" (which is the 2nd one...they dropped off another one so we could keep one upstairs and one downstairs). and then there is matt playing video games. and, of course, there is spencer playing soccer with coleman (SEE...told you he is a kicka$$ big brother!).

Tuesday: special delivery from Spencer. So sweet.

then, when coleman goes to bed...he makes and delivers a root beer float to me... i have no idea why, but he's awesome like that. i better stop bragging on him - if he reads this, he's going to get a big head. oh wait, his head is already huge. and so is coleman's. but mine's not. and matt's isn't...wonder where they inherited big heads???

Tuesday: root beer float. Yummy!

a close up shot of my root beer float. so tasty and frothy. yuuuuummmmmmmm.
Tuesday: watching Master Chef

matt, spencer and i watched master chef on tv. matt is obsessed with all chef gordon ramsey shows. and there are a lot. that dude is a total workaholic (ramsey, not matt). but, i must confess that i enjoy master chef (much more than hell's kitchen). i also enjoy kitchen nightmares.

Tuesday: did the laundry...never got around to putting it away

and then there was laundry. i worked on it all day, but didn't manage to get it put away before bed. tsk, tsk. the white laundry basket belongs to matt and me. the brown is coleman's. spencer's is the red one (which is actually gamecock).

Tuesday: time to go night night

time to go night-night. that's a wrap.

*all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards

celebrate {may 2011}

celebrate {big moments}
  • spencer played the second half of a baseball tournament. they went 2-0 and won the silver championship.
  • later in the month, they played another tournament and came in second place.
  • i treated myself to a new camera!!!
  • the four of us attended the gamecock fan fest at knights castle
110511 Gamecock Fan Fest 03 - Spurrier + Matt + Coleman + Spencer

110501 X1 Carolinas 77 copy

celebrate {little moments}
  • coleman, michelle and i went to the edventure children's museum in columbia.
  • the four of us had a little cinco de mayo celebration, complete with mexican food and maracas
  • we had a ton of stuff going on at work. i worked a jimmie jam concert (got to see montgomery gentry perform) and the coca-cola 600.
  • spencer had awards day at school
  • coleman had a field trip to the lazy 5 ranch and i was able to tag along
  • spencer went on a field trip to riverbanks zoo

110531 Lazy 5 Ranch 13 - Coleman

110507 EdVenture 05 - H+C

celebrate {struggles}
  • spencer continued to play rec baseball but was not particularly happy with his coach
  • coleman got ringworm. we don't know how, but luckily it was small and did not spread.
110530 Memorial Day 03 - Spencer

celebrate {family}
  • watched bo race in the state qualifier (he did not qualify)
  • we had a small birthday celebration for maggie's 13th at my house after our columbia adventures.
  • coleman and i went to sherry's church to hear bo speak in honor of his graduating
  • coleman and i spent mother's day at sherry's (mom, michelle, marion & maggie were in town)
110508 Mother's Day 07 - Michelle + Holly + Mom + Sherry

110507 Track Meet 06 - Bo

celebrate {friends}

  • attended a gathering at the chandler's house
  • we had an impromptu (kiddie) pool party - in attendance were the williams and monk families.
  • coleman and i attended giada's second birthday party
110530 Memorial Day 14

celebrate {home}
  • we finally purchased a fridge for our garage. i love, love, love it!!!

110528 Coleman swinging bat with video game


week in the life {monday ~ july 25}

and so the week begins...

Week in the Life

as most weekday mornings begin, i rose at 5:00 a.m. at the sound of my alarm. after showering, i enjoyed about thirty minutes of quiet time/bible study. i prepared for the work day and coleman finally woke around 6:30 (this is actually late for him). i woke matt up so i could head out the door. i try to get an earlier start on the days when matt is home with the boys.

Monday: commute + coffee

i drove matt's truck to work because my car had yet another flat tire. i feel at home in my car. i love my car. i would rather drive my car. possibly feeling inspired by a different set of wheels, my commute was a tad different as well. i bypassed my normal exit onto the interstate so i could stop at dunkin donuts for some coffee. then i decided to take I-485 to I-77, which I never normally do. oh yes, i am living on the wild side!

Monday: the blackberry

plenty of early morning emails start flowing onto my blackberry. i know i shouldn't look at them while i'm driving, but with an hour commute, it's hard not to find ways to entertain yourself. and yes, i have two phones: a blackberry for work and my personal iphone.

Monday: the exit

exit 33 ... mooresville, nc. that's me. everyday...over sixty miles. each way. yes, i'm crazy. i actually spent more time than usual in the car because later in the day i had to drive up to the lowe's planogram facility, which is located north in troutman, nc...even farther from home!

Monday: IKEA loot for new office

even though i drove matt's truck mainly due to my flat tire, i needed to drive it anyway. over the weekend, we went to ikea and bought some stuff for my office. part of the loot is pictured. we have a lot of work to do!

Monday: Matt & Spencer caught the matinee show of Captain America

matt and spencer went to the movies...they caught the matinee showing of  captain america. they both seemed to enjoy it. we do not go to the movies often, so i was a bit shocked when i saw the cost!

Monday: yet another unhealthy lunch. I gotta get my act together.

i must sadly confess that i caved in and got mcdonald's for lunch. i didn't pack anything. it was late and i was starving. i had to drive up to the POG facility...so i went for easy. i have got to get my act together!
Monday: yucky traffic

traffic...always traffic. story of my life.

Monday: hydroxyl - trying to salvage our house

and when i got home... this is our new best friend. it's a big loud machine that sucks the yuckiness out of the air. after our "almost" house fire, everything stinks. bad. thankfully, sister sherry was able to hook us up with this for free. yippee!!!

Monday: Coleman enjoying the big fan

coleman quickly learned that the big machine was kind of fun. getting him to not touch it...a bit trickier.

Monday: Coleman's "bubble" artwork from daycare

and some cool artwork that coleman brought home from aj's. this wasn't one of his normal days to go since matt was off, but since matt obviously had a crapload of not-so-fun things to take care of (due to flat tires and almost house fires)...coleman was much better off at daycare.

Monday: got this new mack daddy laptop bag from work. It's not exactly winning any cute awards but *dang* it holds a lot of stuff!!

we got some surprises packages at work. we were each provided some henkel gear, including a rolling duffle bag and a mac daddy laptop bag (pictured). i've needed a new laptop bag in a serious way!!! my junk wouldn't fit into my old one...this new one is huge! and now that it's full....it's also quite heavy!

 *all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards