Layout - Just Another Sunday

Do you ever have paper that you look at and think "why did I buy that?". Yeah, well - this is that paper. Anyway, my mother-in-law loves asian stuff and has her house decorated in it, so the paper kind of reminded me of her. Figured I could scrap these photos that were taken at her house. Needless to say...not a fan of this page. Ugly, Ugly paper!

Layout - Christmas

This is a quick layout for my work album. This is actually from Christmas 2003...not sure why it hadn't gotten done yet, but it is now!

Patterned Paper is Chatterbox & Basic Grey; Antigue Burgundy Zig Writer; Making Memories stickers


Layout - First Scrapbook Page

This is Spencer doing his first 12"x12" scrapbook page. Super simple...

Patterned paper is K&Co; journaling done by hand with Navy Zig Writer; added brackets around journaling with some 3-D paint

Layout - Visit to Conway

As always, I had a blast scrapping pictures of my niece, because I could actually use PINK! I've had these foam flower pieces for awhile and wasn't sure if I'd ever actually use them...but I think they look OK here.
Patterned Paper is KI Memories and journaling font is Milktop Girl.


Layout - Adventure

This is the last one of that trip...our horseback riding. I used one of the March 2007 sketches from PageMaps. It made for a quick layout!
Patterned paper - Basic Grey
Pens - Zig Writer
"Adventure" Rubon - unknown
"Nature" sticker - Deja View
Metal words - Die Cuts with a View (I think)
silver brads
blue ribbon

Layout - Travels

This is a recap layout of our mountain trip for Spencer's album. Like I said in my last post, not many pictures...so I opted to list out all the different things that we did.

Patterned Paper - Basic Grey
Journaling font - LB Cory
Definition sticker - Making Memories
Flowers - Prima
Ink - "Royal Blue", Rubber Stampede
Brads - unknown


Layout - Adventurous

Another quick layout with some 4x6 photos. I lost most of the pictures from our 2005 weekend mountain trip. All I have are a few from our canoe ride b/c they were on the waterproof disposable, and then ones of our horseback riding because that was after my camera decided to mess up.
Using up an old kit here - Dee's Designs.

Layout - Friends

This was a quick layout using some 4x6 photos I had printed. Matt & I with some friends.
Patterned Paper - K&Co
Rubons - Dena's Closet, Colorbok (quotes); American Crafts (box)
Pen: Zig Writer
Chipboard: letters, unknown; flowers, Making Memories
Rhinestones: Darice


Layout - Fishing

This layout was done for a sketch challenge. The fishing paper and accents are Karen Foster.

Journaling reads: "While on vacation at the beach, we met up with dad and he took the three of us fishing. This was Spencer's first chance to use his new, "real" fishing rod. He didn't catch anything, but got a few bites and had fun trying. When he got frustrated, Dad passed on some wise words: "If you always caught something, it wouldn't be called fishing, it'd be called catching." We also got to see an alligator and a boat that got stranded during low tide."

Layout - XOXO

This layout was done for a challenge where we had to use 100 of something!! I chose 100 pieces of ribbon. This took a long time, but I think it's cute and I'm happy with the results.
I created the journaling star on the computer and it reads "Spencer has such a silly side sometimes. It can be really entertaining. Here he is pretending to drive as we wait in the car. I got lucky because he opted to ham it up for the camera instead of trying to hide from me and my lens!"


Cookout with the neighbors

Before heading out on vacation, we decided to have a cookout with our neighbors. We ended up with about 6 houses participating - a total of 20 to 25 people. It was pretty good for being relatively impromptu.
The kids played various games, we grilled burgers & hot dogs...just hung out. Fun night.
The patio picture is the back of our house...please note the incredibly tacky palm tree that my husband just HAD to have! The couple in the first picture are our English neighbor's parents.
They came over and stayed for 6 weeks. They were practically family and it was sad to see them go!

Neighborhood Playground

OK, I totally lied. I forgot the dogs were in these pictures too :)

Our neighborhood finally put in a playground so we went and checked it out a few weekends ago. Spencer's a little old for it, but he made the best of it. We had fun getting Cooper to slide down the slide. Rio wasn't as cooperative. After Spencer started to get bored just playing, he asked me to make up obstacle courses for him to do...so that made it a little more fun for him. We actually stayed there for quite a while. And it's really close to the house, which is nice.

I took a TON of pictures but had to include this silly one of Cooper with his tongue just kind of sticking out. I also like the picture of Matt & Rio. Even though it's blurry, I think it shows how Rio's always on the go when we're outside.

Cooper's Haircut

OK, last pictures containing dogs...promise. But I have to post one of Cooper since he got his haircut. He looks a lot less scraggly! Isn't he cute???

More pictures of the dogs...

I know, you're tired of seeing pictures of them...
Cooper & Rio with some bones we'd bought them.



Friends of ours put in a pool over the winter so we've been over to swim a few times this summer. They are the ones with the autistic son and the pool has really been awesome for him. On this particular evening, Spencer was able to come with us, so he & Sydney had a great time together - in the pool, on the trampoline, playing in the yard and later playing video games.

1 - Me & Brigitte. In my defense, I hadn't been on vacation yet and she just got back from Jamaica. She kind of had an advantage with the whole tan thing (though I'm lily white most of the time anyway).

2 - Sydney playing in the pool

3 - Dalton had just learned how to jump in with this ring. I love how this picture captures the splashes.

4 - My handsome husband

5 - Spencer playing in the pool. Thought this was a cool "action shot"

Lazy 5 Ranch - Round 4

OK, here are some people pictures. I love the shot of Spencer & Sydney leaning out the window.

Lazy 5 Ranch - Round 3

And even more animals...
- Zebra...this guy came out in the road, behind our truck and in front of the one behind us, and wouldn't move. It was funny.
- There were a lot of emus there (and those are pretty spooky animals) but this was only white one we saw. Had bright blue eyes too.
- They had several beautiful, bright birds
- The turtles and the rabbits were in cages beside each other and they had them labeled "the tortoise and the hare"...clever.
- I think this is a mountain goat

Lazy 5 Ranch - Round 2

More animals...
- Big ugly bull...is this guy scary looking or what???
- Camels
- Gazelle (I think)
- Giraffe
- Bunny

Lazy 5 Ranch - Round 1

The Lazy 5 Ranch is a local place where you can drive your car through and see wildlife. You have a bucket of food and can feed the animals from the car. It's pretty awesome. We took Spencer and the daughter of a friend. I took a tons of pictures...bear with me. They're just too cute to not share...

These are all "baby" pictures. We were there at a great time because almost all the animals had little babies running around. Here you see baby deer, baby pig, some kid of big baby (not sure what it is)...and then my favorite picture: the baby emu peeking it's head out from within its mom's feather.

I love this girl...

This is me with the daughter of a friend of ours. She is 9 years old and I just love her to death!

The Dogs

Just a quick shot of the dogs...this was before Cooper's haircut so he was still looking a little scraggly...

Just goofing off...

One day, Matt's niece swung by for a visit. We were showing her some photos by hooking the camera up to the TV. Once Spencer realized that I could take photos and videos and see it "live" on TV as we were doing it, it was all hamming it up after that. I got some super cute videos, especially of Spencer dancing! But also some randoms snapshots of us just hanging out. (Spencer took the photo of me).