celebrate {coleman - november 2011}

coleman...so full of personality. i love all of the awesome and quirky things you say. here's a little piece of who you are. right now. 

"my pennies" a new found fascination with coins. all of which you call "pennies". you will dig and search to find them wherever you can. line them up. stuff them in your pockets. count them. 

"no" a favorite word these days...full of attitude and defiance. despite that adorable face, you are quite the handful. you are independent and so very strong-willed. i love that you have these characteristics. seriously. they make our everyday life quite difficult. you are testing and pushing...and your dear mama just isn't the most patient chicadee in the world. i won't lie. it's tough. but you know what? it will be worth it. i want you to be strong and independent. if that means a few battles along the way, i'm ready. 

"more candy, mommy?" you have realized the awesomeness of tasty treats...and you apparently have a nice little sweet tooth. this made the concept of trick-or-treating quite appealing. you thought it was pretty cool that you could just go to people's door and they'd hand you more and more candy! you particularly love lollipops and ring pops (a treat that you learned to associate with baseball games). you immediately point to the concession stand, knowing it's the temple that holds your special treat! you also took a liking to candy corn and i even caught you climbing on the kitchen counter to get the bowl i'd already hidden from you!

"no pockets?" you insist on only wearing pants with pockets. sometimes when you have on your pj's you will look down and say "no pockets???" with a confused tone. this usually leads to a request for clothes. i have to carefully check your pockets when i do laundry. there's no telling what i might find - pennies, rocks, acorns, scraps of paper...

"my bag" you love to put things into bags and containers. you will hijack any bag you see, whether it's a ziploc bag, grocery bag, pocketbook, tote bag, suitcase...it doesn't matter. at night, we often have to search through your bags to see what you may have tucked away in them. 

"handy dandy notebook" it took awhile, but it seems mickey mouse has moved to second place. blue's clues is your new favorite show. you are so adorable, mimicking the motions and singing the songs. but your favorite part is the handy dandy notebook. you have accumulated a variety of them...basically small notebooks and pads that we've given you. you draw and write in them all the time! 

the little details...you are wearing size 3T clothes and an 8 in shoes. you wear size 5 diapers/pull-ups. you still do not go potty at home. you don't  use a pacifier anymore, but you like to have at least one in your crib. you tend to nibble and graze on your food. you nap better in daddy's recliner than you do in your crib.


celebrate {june 2011}

disclaimer: i realize how ridiculously late this is. and though it would be easy to walk away from these monthly recaps, i truly want them documented here - regardless of punctuality. so, i will press on...even if they are six months late.

celebrate {big moments}
  • nephews on both sides of the family graduated from high school
  • family beach vacation, including a baseball tournament
  • spencer and i went on a helicopter ride
    Bo's Graduation - Rock Hill High School
    us and our whirly bird
    for the love of shell hunting...
celebrate {little moments}
  • spencer had three baseball tournaments
  • coleman had a field trip to the petting zoo; spencer had a field trip to the real zoo
  • spencer wrapped up his sixth grade year
  • we all watched the gamecocks win another college world series
  • got a facial (mother's day gift) and pedicure (for the beach)
  • coleman and i planted some basil seeds
    Planting basil seeds
    110626 X1 Game 30
    110614 Coleman's Petting Zoo field trip 05
celebrate {struggles}
  • our neighbor spent some time in the hospital
  • i got a flat tire
  • i dealt with the hassles of an office move
  • coleman got a haircut (long story)
    110623 Coleman saying the blessing at AJ's
celebrate {family}
  • mom, michelle, marion and maggie were in town for a weekend
  • we celebrated father's day
  • spencer was with us a lot and we loved it! 
    110619 Father's Day - Matt & Coleman 01
celebrate {friends}
  • lots of pool time in the yard with friends and neighbors
  • plenty of visits from scott, cameron and xander
    Headed to the Monk house for a swim
    dancing in the pool


technology wonders

yesterday i realized that google had FINALLY released a blogger app for the iPhone. i posted about spencer from the charlotte airport using a photo i'd snapped on my phone last weekend. (the app needs some improvements but it's free and at least it exists).

i upgraded my iPhone to the new software and i'm slowly figuring out this *icloud* thing.

today i write this message from seat 29E aboard a delta flight back from atlanta. wi-fi on planes = awesome. i'm also listening to glee music...which is awesome too. what's not awesome is that i'm two weeks behind on watching the show...but i digress.

yesterday, one of the highlights was a text message from my 19 year old nephew who said he wanted to swing by for a visit on sunday...I haven't seen him since he left for college in august. awesome.

last night at dinner, all of the traveling career mamas shared photos of their little ones that were being texted by their hubbies. (see photo below).

yes, i could list a million ways that technology is bad for society, but really...it's just badass.

thank you techie geniuses for creating super coolness.

adios from somewhere over south carolina.

(post written "in air" yesterday but failed to publish...maybe technology isn't that great...)


celebrate spencer {november 2011}

spencer has had quite an interesting two months.

he flabbergasted every adult in his life when he got sent to the principal's office. and then we shrugged it off when we realized it was all a little silly.

then he got sent again. and was written up. and got iss (in school suspension). this time it wasn't quite so funny.

but he has gotten his act together. for now.

his first report card of the year brought 3 As and 1 B in his academic classes. which means he made the honor roll and we got to attend a recognition breakfast. it was a small cozy event honoring 250+ kids. what?!?! apparently his school is really smart.

but the recent highlight was spencer's performance on day one of his baseball tournament last weekend. the last one of the year.

he pitched. an entire game. seven innings. his first time doing that. the first time his coach had ever let a player do that. it was awesome. I still get misty-eyed thinking about. we are so ridiculously proud.