celebrate {coleman @ 3}

last weekend, we celebrated three years of our coleman! i thought it'd be fun to document this special day with 36 tidbits of who he is right now (one for each month of his life):

  1. you love your play kitchen (christmas gift) but make a huge mess with the fake food. and aren't quite as good at picking it all up. 
  2. after your birthday, you started playing with your food and saying stuff like "it's my birthday, i'm going to eat my sandwich". 
  3. you still think your piggie bank is awesome. and you call it your "bankie"
  4. every night at bedtime we read the same two books: "the ball game" and "froggy plays t-ball"
  5. you have completely memorized "the ball game" and read it to us with enthusiasm. it's the most adorable thing. ever. i'm pretty sure you are a genius.
  6. you are learning more and more of "froggy plays t-ball" and will let us read it to you while you fill in some of the blanks yourself.
  7. for a while, all meals were called "breakfast". then sometimes "lunch". but never "dinner" or "supper". 
  8. at bedtime, it's common for you to proclaim that you want to finish your breakfast or lunch before heading upstairs.
  9. but that's only after you drink more milk as a stall tactic.
  10. you and i like to crawl upstairs for bedtime. we do a combination of fast crawl and slow crawl. you find this to be quite funny.
  11. you continue to be completely obsessed with baseball
  12. hiding with me under a blanket is very amusing
  13. with daddy you like him to flip you upside down and carry you upstairs for some "fighting" on our bed
  14. your favorite foods include hot dogs, chicken nuggets, grapes, bananas and cheese
  15. you call your pajamas "jays" instead of "PJs"
  16. one of your most preferred "calm" activities is to watch baseball videos on youtube (on one of the iphones)
  17. the names you call us are always amusing. you've gone through a phase of "mom" and "dad" (rather than mommy and daddy) and sometimes i am "maw maw" which is kind of odd. and daddy is sometimes just "matt". then of course, the good ole fashioned "mama"
  18. when i get you out of your crib in the mornings, you will tell me if i'm dressed or not. this is quite helpful so that i don't go to work in my "jays"
  19. toboggans are often found on your head. indoors. a lot. it's hilarious. gloves too.
  20. you love, love, love your rainboots (you have two pair). you wear them every single day. 
  21. legos are one of the few non-baseball toys that you enjoy. you typically just build tall stacks of blocks and call them a "tower" or "castle". you don't like to be helped with your creations but often want me to sit with you while you build.
  22. play-doh is also entertaining for you but you tend to see this as a group activity and not something you enjoy solo. for some reason you like for me to make 'cars' (though in reality, the things i come up with don't ever resemble a vehicle). 
  23. your favorite tv shows include: fresh beat band, dora, diego, blues clues, team umizoomi, max & ruby...despite that long list, you watch less tv that you used to
  24. you say "tanks" instead of "thanks" or "thank you". you also say that things are "cool" a lot. 
  25. due to swiper on dora, you have started saying "aw man".  you often say cute things like "i'm missing something" and "be very careful".
  26. daddy is your favorite when he's around. 
  27. bathtime is something you fight every night. you enjoy it once you're in there, but you typically do not go in willingly. 
  28. "my" is a new favorite word. you've gotten pretty possessive.
  29. you still love, love, love being outdoors.
  30. anything spencer does, you imitate. 
  31. you love to have your back (or legs or arms) scratched
  32. your skin is still in rough shape :(
  33. when i say "i love you", you typically respond with "thanks" or "ok"
  34. you have started picking your nose. 
  35. you are all about picking out your own clothes. (which is better than picking your nose)
  36. randomly, you will tell me that you like my hair or clothes. often it's not justified...but always appreciated! a ladies man in the making. 

 we love you little guy!!!

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  1. He's awesome! It's been fun watching him grow up :)