Layout - Go be true to you (Word #1)

I' m going to try and keep up with the one little word blog challenges. There are two main reasons that I'm jumping on this bandwagon. The first is that I really love Ali Edward's concept of having a "word" that is yours for the year...however, I've never really been able to come up with one. So, this is a way for me to kind of go with that in a different way. Plus, I really like words. Secondly, these word interpretations will force me to take a different approach to my layouts. My scrapping is always very "event oriented" and this will help me get away from that. There's nothing wrong with it, but it'd be nice to get a little deeper every now and then, ya know?

So, the first word on the blog was "GO". This layout is the perfect example of changing my approach to pages. I had some cute pictures from last year where Spencer was playing with a remote control car out in the street. However, the best photo was this one - where he was doing what's become his famous hula dance. So, now instead of capturing a pretty uneventful moment of playing, I've captured a cute aspect of his personality. I probably won't even scrap the other pictures from the day w/ the car. He played with that car once or twice. But he's been doing this hula dance for awhile now (and it's hilarious!).
Patterned paper - Junkitz (Cousin Orange); Creative Imaginations (Sk8er Stripe)
Transparency - Staples
Rub on - Deja Views
Acrylic Paint - white, Plaid
Navy Zig Writer
Note: Photo was printed on white textured cardstock. "Go" was painted on the back of a transparency, as was the corner design.

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