Here are some movies on which I've wasted valuable life hours...this is how I can tell it's summer...nothing to watch on TV so I watch bad movies instead. Just kidding - they aren't all bad.

Deja Vu starring Denzel Washington
Matt actually rented this one for me. I had never heard of it, which is surprising with Denzel and all. Anyway, it was good. It had a creative story line and a surprise ending. Denzel's an FBI agent - so it's all right up my alley of stuff I like.

Liberty Stands Still starring Wesley Snipes
This was just something I saw on and decided to DVR. It's a little slow at times, but it was a good "veg in front of the TV" movie. The basic idea is that this woman is on her cell phone with a guy that wants to kill her and she can't hang up or a bomb will go off.

Superman Returns
I can't believe it took me this long to see it. Matt had rented it a while ago but watched it without me. It came on HBO or something, so Matt, Spencer and I watched it together the other night. It was very good, of course. I don't think Spencer enjoyed it as much as he thought he would because he didn't know a lot of the background stuff on Superman and was a little confused. We probably should've made him watch the original first!

Fever Pitch starring Drew Barrymore
This was cute. I love romantic comedies and Drew Barrymore is good in them. I even saved this on our DVR for Spencer to watch because he's such a Red Sox fan.

That's all I can think of right now...

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