it's rare for me to see a movie in the theater...two in a one week is almost unheard of!
and the two movies could not have been more different!!
i wasn't particularly excited about seeing the dark knight but i went to appease matt & spencer. it was very dark (as the name implies) and creepy. heath ledger as the joker was quite good (and very creepy) and probably does deserve an oscar. it was a bit more violent (and did i mention, creepy???) than i would've expected for a pg-13.

i went to see mamma mia with my sister, not really knowing what to expect. i had never seen a broadway (or off-broadway) version of it. i was very pleasantly surprised. granted, it was definitely cheesy and if you don't like musicals, you won't like this. but the music was good and the movie was very, very funny!!! No creepiness here (well, except for some of the goofy facial expressions by Pierce Brosnan when he was trying to sing).

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  1. Dernd girl I LOVE the Dark Knight! It was dark and it was way to violent for kids ( I was lucky enough to see it with Shane my senior) We had a blast! and ya -to bad Heath Ledger had to die- he is an amazing actor!!