celebrate {coleman - sept 2011}

This photo is just SO Coleman (from ballfield on Saturday) 

i have not been posting these monthly updates due to lack of pictures (multiple long stories there). this update is late, very late... and only comes with this one photo. an iphone (instagram) photo that i love and adore and cherish. it is so coleman. it captures everything that he is right now.

so here goes...long overdue:

my dear sweet coleman...

right now you are nothing short of amazing. your vocabulary grows daily. the rapid development stops me in my tracks, but your adorable words and sayings keep us entertained!

i love how you use certain words correctly but also sometimes incorrectly. one of your favorite words is "heavy". though you often use it properly, you also use it in place of the word "hard" or "difficult". if you are struggling with something, you will say it's "heavy". but you actually pronouce it "hovy"...almost with a british accent.

the other word you sometimes misuse is "fit". any time you don't like how something is happening, you will say "no fit. no fit".

you are obsessed with bags and pocketbooks. you will grab one and fill it with whatever. you will gather your toys. trash. anything that's not nailed down. and then proudly you prance around with your bag...daddy gets a little worried about this sometimes :)

despite my best attempts to prevent it, you are loving the wiggles. it's all about the music and dance moves. and honestly...despite the annoyance level that four color coordinated jiving british guys bring--i get it. i totally see the appeal. and many days i've walked around with a cheesy tune in my head. but it's all worth it to watch you "bust a move" in your white boy way.

our morning routine includes you playing with my makeup. despite how sleepy and/or grouchy you may be...it's the one thing that can (almost) always get you out of your rut. you usually end up looking like a colorful leopard, your cheeks spotted with a combination of mascara, foundation, blush and eye shadow.

counting is your thing right now. you count slow and steady with lots of drama. always with a pointing finger. i love it. you can go well into the teens, occassionally missing a number along the way. but overall, you are quite good!

little guy...you are my everything. thank you for being so dang cool.

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