thirteen years

today...spencer is thirteen years old. a teenager. 

four weeks ago, he started seventh grade. though this is his second year of middle school, he changed schools...his is brand new. he is now a timberwolf! (i think it's super cool that the kids wore matching "opening day" shirts...pictured above). he even made the front page of the paper!

he's off to a great start. a few less-than-stellar grades at the very beginning have been followed up with consistently strong performance. the good grades...impressive. but the best news? he loves his new school and teachers. he struggled with his teachers last year and i think this change will make a huge difference. 

back in july, spencer had to "try out" for the new season of his baseball team. (we were told it was more of a formality for returning players). he *made* the team and began practices a few weeks ago. same coach. many of the same players. a few new ones. he loves it. and tournaments start this weekend. 

we are super proud of our him...hard to believe. thirteen years. 

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