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cultivate a good life by Becky Higgins 

i feel a little cliche, but i've jumped on the bulging bandwagon...i'm tackling project life

on the off-chance that you've been hanging around here for several years, you may recall some similar attempts. 

back in 2008, i tried taking a photo a day. i added digital journaling and printed the snapshots, adding them to a regular photo album. i didn't finish. 

in 2009, i purchased becky higgins' project 365 kit and tried it that way. i didn't finish. i made it to august, if i recall correctly.

though it was disappointing that neither project lasted the full 365...i don't regret tackling them. i was able to capture everyday memories in a unique fashion. and that's worth something, regardless of how long it lasted. 

so where does that leave me for 2012? 

my key word for this project is *realistic*. my expectations have to be just that. here is where i am with this project...

:: i have not purchased any new products. despite the temptation of becky's awesome assortment, i'm working with what i have leftover from the 2009 kit. if i'm still going strong by the time these are gone, then i will "reward" myself with new stuff. and believe it or not, i'm totally ok knowing that the pages won't match. 

:: i'm keeping it simple, simple, simple. my focus is on completing the documentation. no frills. no fuss. 

:: i'm not worrying about taking a photo a day. i'm concentrating on documenting the week. i will use whatever photos are available (whether a lot or a few). i will add in pieces of life and varying levels of journaling. 

:: i must be flexible. if things go spiraling out of control, i may do a two-page spread that captures two weeks or a month. and that will be okay.

:: i vow to offer myself grace and forgiveness in this project. this is supposed to be fun. 

from this project, i hope to gain a few things. the obvious one is the finished project of having our family's life well-documented. i am also hoping it will help me to slow down a bit and better capture the little things. and maybe, as a result, better appreciate those little blessings. i also hope that it will help force me to prioritize a little creative time each week. a piece that's been lacking in my life for quite a while now. 

here's to a third time's a charm. cheers.

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