time: 7:15 p.m. on thursday evening

feeling: frustrated that coleman just broke his fireman hat (that he loves) because he was acting psycho and hitting it with a plastic bat. and that i didn't have the umph to stop him.

watching: olivia

listening: coleman singing "the itsy bitsy spider" 

wondering: how he can rationalize that he can't take his medicine while he's pooping, yet he manages to play baseball while pooping??? 

hoping: that he does OK at daycare tomorrow. pretty sure he's feeling well and will be fine, but there's always that fear. 

wishing: tomorrow's weather was forecasted to be better than it is.

eating: nothing. ate a spaghetti taco for supper though.

drinking: a glass of wine. white zin. which i don't normally drink. but the bottle was open and it's light. and i'm pretty sure a dry wine would wreak havoc on my recently-healed sinuses. 

waiting: for coleman's bedtime. don't judge, i've been stuck inside with my little munchkin for 2 1/2 days. no help. no break. no daylight. if i want bedtime, i think i'm justified. 

planning: for a busy day tomorrow. mentally preparing. 

laughing: because i thought i could do this post spontaneously. coleman had other ideas...the post had to wait until after bedtime, but we had this awesome webcam photo shoot, so it's all good...

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  1. {love} this post! So fun! the pics are great!! and I can NOT believe how BIG Coleman is!!!!