Pieces of my house...

As we have gone through the building and moving process, many folks have asked to see pictures of our new house. I am slowly getting around to it and here are a few more. Please keep in mind that things are still much more bland than I prefer, but we've only been here three months.

These first two photos are of our den, which is a sunken room. You can't see the two steps in these pictures, but you can see the little balcony which divides the room with the breakfast nook. We haven't really bought much furniture since moving so the sofas, chair, armoire, etc. are all existing stuff from the last house. However, it all seems much smaller in this house than it did before!

The picture over the fireplace in the first photo is old - my dad gave it to me as a college graduation gift. In the 2nd photo, you see three pictures. The far left and far right are both brand new. The middle one is an old picture that we had reframed to match the new ones. All four pictures are Charleston prints.

The walls of this room will be "latte" after the painter comes (a medium brown - kind of khaki). I do regret "committing" to a color with our sofas (green). Next time, I'll get something more neutral. Obviously we need window treatments too but I have NO idea what to get yet.

This is the very bare guest room. The bed was the bottom bunk of Spencer's bed in the old house. Now he is just using the twin bed from the top bunk. A painting by my grandmother (deceased) is the inspiration for this room. I plan on painting the walls a color similar to the bedding (a teal/aqua blue). I will get a nicer comforter in dark brown and use those 2 colors throughout the room - which is the scheme of that picture (which is in bad shape and has to be rematted and framed). There is also a rocking chair in this room that you can't see. Obviously we have a long way to go in here. We did not have a guest room in the old house so we started from scratch 100% here.

This is the tub in my master bath. It might seem boring but had to share a picture of it because it has become my little retreat. I used to NEVER take baths. I hated them and was always too wound to enjoy the attempt at relaxation. However, since moving I have learned to really love taking bubble baths. Usually, at least once a week, I will light all those candles (my favorite part), fill the bath with hot water and lots of bubbles, and climb in with a good book. I still can't enjoy it unless I'm doing something, like reading, but I really love this "me time" now. I do plan to paint the bathroom a gray color (seems odd, but saw a room online that I loved).

The last three pictures are all of Spencer's room. His room is definitely full. We had it painted in gamecock red (color of the comforter) in the last house but not sure what we'll do this time. The bedding is actually new - it was blue in the old room. His room used to just be a generic sports theme. Since moving, we turned it into a more focused Gamecocks room. The penants are ones I've collected for him along the way. Some are from local teams or events we've attended but many I've picked up on my travels with work. A lot of the gamecock stuff was Matt's when he was a little boy (the collage of stuff on the wall and some of the pillows on his bed).

When we moved we wanted Spencer to forfeit his bunk beds for 2 reasons. One, so he'd have more room (bottom bunk was a full size). Two, we could use the bottom bunk as a guest bed, as you saw above. The "deal" was that we'd get him a Gamecock comforter and Rio would get his own bed in Spencer's room -which you can see he has.

Here you see Spencer's desk (which he treasures), piled high with junk. Over that are shelves that contain all his trophies and awards (this is only 1/2 because many are at his mom's too). Then his TV armoire with pictures and things he's made on top. The rack on the right holds sports balls and equipments.

It's not much, but it's a peek into our house. We have SO far to go, it's scary at times. But I know that houses are not made into homes overnight! I will just take my time and enjoy the process of it all. Regardless of whether we have painted walls or dining room furniture, it's great to have a nice home that is large enough to have people over - and be proud of it. Thanks for taking the time to take a peek :)

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