Earth Day

There's a local Earth Day festival at the Anne Springs Close Greenway that is super cool. This is the same place we go to ride horses sometimes...great place overall.
Once a year there's this celebration and it's totally free. There is all the normal wildlife there to see (tons of animals), and they bring in other animals as well. You can milk a cow, see how bees make honey (and sample the goods), etc. They offer cane pole fishing and canoe rides (see below). This year they had a man helping the kids make small clay pots on a pottery wheel. There's a swinging bridge over a creek. Lots of informational booths. They always have several different crafts set up. They even have free bottled water along the trails (it's pretty long walks to get to everything). Just a cool thing. I admire people who take their financial blessings and do good things for the environment and the community. This is the 3rd year we've gone and we truly look forward to it every year.

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