Occassional Milkshake

These are good guys with big hearts. This group, Occassional Milkshake, is actually a group of groups. Following me?
They all belong to different bands and come together to perform " on occasion" (get it? the name of the band???).
Anyway, they did a St. Patty's Day fundraiser for the foundation and are just good guys. One of them even said he didn't know much about autism so he researched it prior to coming. It sounds as if they are going to commit to an annual event too!
Two of the guys are from The Blue Dogs, two are from Hootie and the Blowfish and one is from Cravin' Melon.

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  1. Oh, I totally love those groups!

    I remember watching Cravin Melon in Myrtle Beach ... funny thing..
    I have this old small little trash can that I put a cravin' melon sticker on.. I still have the trash can! LOL!