Night with the Knights

Several weeks ago, Spencer's baseball team attended a Knights Game (our local minor league team). There were a bunch of little league teams there and they all walked around the field at the beginning of the game and the teams were announced.

However, the Knights are associated with the White Sox, which happens to be the name of Spencer's team. So, they got the royal treatment. Before the game, the kids were all sent really nice White Sox jerseys. At the game, they were the "Dream Team". They got t-shirts and stayed out on the field before the game. They talked to the players, got autographs, stood with the team during the national anthem, etc. Then, each player's name was announced as he ran onto the field with one of the real players. Very cool!

In the first picture (white t-shirts), Spencer is 4th from the right. In the 2nd picture (black shirts), Spencer is in the very back, 2nd from the left. He and his friend also purchased "used game bats" and were SO excited.

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