My Birthday

Wednesday was my 29th birthday. I don't have any photos so thought I'd just recap the day here. Work was normal, actually we had a big meeting and it was quite hectic. But after that, things improved.

When I got home, Matt & Spencer had decorated the house for me with streamers and what not. Then I had to do a scavenger hunt to find my gifts. After that, the three of us went to eat at TGI Friday's with my sister and two nephews. It was a good evening.

It might seem a little mushy, but my birthday did remind me of how many wonderful people I have in my life. I expect the obligatory well wishes from my family and all. But it was surprising the cards, e-mails and calls that I got from other friends and co-workers.

I have gotten some fun gifts also:

My mom sent a gorgeous handmade card and said she'd give me my gift when I see her in a few weeks. I need to take a photo of the card to share!

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