Friends of ours put in a pool over the winter so we've been over to swim a few times this summer. They are the ones with the autistic son and the pool has really been awesome for him. On this particular evening, Spencer was able to come with us, so he & Sydney had a great time together - in the pool, on the trampoline, playing in the yard and later playing video games.

1 - Me & Brigitte. In my defense, I hadn't been on vacation yet and she just got back from Jamaica. She kind of had an advantage with the whole tan thing (though I'm lily white most of the time anyway).

2 - Sydney playing in the pool

3 - Dalton had just learned how to jump in with this ring. I love how this picture captures the splashes.

4 - My handsome husband

5 - Spencer playing in the pool. Thought this was a cool "action shot"

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