Neighborhood Playground

OK, I totally lied. I forgot the dogs were in these pictures too :)

Our neighborhood finally put in a playground so we went and checked it out a few weekends ago. Spencer's a little old for it, but he made the best of it. We had fun getting Cooper to slide down the slide. Rio wasn't as cooperative. After Spencer started to get bored just playing, he asked me to make up obstacle courses for him to do...so that made it a little more fun for him. We actually stayed there for quite a while. And it's really close to the house, which is nice.

I took a TON of pictures but had to include this silly one of Cooper with his tongue just kind of sticking out. I also like the picture of Matt & Rio. Even though it's blurry, I think it shows how Rio's always on the go when we're outside.

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  1. Love the pic of Spencer in the bubble! :)