{christmas ornaments}

this year, my sisters and mom (4 of us total) decided to do a handmade ornament swap (and plan to make it a yearly tradition). here are the ornaments that i made for my two sisters.

for the first one ("m"), i was inspired to use monogram because my sister, brother-in-law, and niece all have 'm' names (and their last name starts with an 'm' as well). i'd seen some at 2Peas and thought they'd be the perfect family for it. the base for the ornament is a paper mache circle and i chose papers (basic grey) that reminded me of my sister. I painted the chipboard letter and the edges of the ornament. I added light blue glitter on the letter as well.

for the second one ("h"), i created the ornament first with the intent of matching a themed tree that my sister does with silver and seashells. i felt it needed something at the end, so just added the monogram as an afterthought. this is just one of those plain glass balls with that fake snow stuff inside.

i already posted my mom's ornament here - i'm giving her the white tree because she has a very shabby chic decor and i thought it would go well.

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