mosaic {silver christmas}

i used to not be fond of silver associated with christmas (loved it outside of the season). i thought gold was so much *warmer*. however, i have broadened my horizons lately and do enjoy silver as part of my holiday decor now.
so, just for some inspiration and eye candy, i put together this silver-inspiration christmas mosaic.

1. Silver Tree, 2. Question, 3. x-mas ornaments, 4. picking out the perfect gift..., 5. Enchanted forest, 6. Jingle Balls, 7. Silver Self-portrait, 8. Vintage Holiday, 9. If I Am Suddenly Murdered, The Reindeer Did It., 10. it's that time of the year..., 11. Chlla cactus, 12. Christmas 2007 (our apt.), 13. Quiet*

1 comment:

  1. Hey, I was at your blog yesterday. Left a couple of comments too. You were busy after I left! I love the layout. I am a big fan of simple, clean lines too. Love the maroon outlines, very festive. The picture is great! And I really like you hair. You always do a good job with your blog. I finally updated mine. Tell me again where you do the mosaics? There is a link right?