finding a happy place...

hello out there...do y'all remember me? i can't believe how much i have not blogged this month. and i find that it's difficult to get back into the swing of things after such a long (though unintended) break. so, today i'm just writing for the heck of it...

ever since our almost-house-fire and our "soft goods" being returned at a time when we had no *time* to deal with them...well, our house has been a disaster. chaos. not a happy place.

but this weekend felt better. this weekend was good. matt was working nights (not the good part) and we didn't have spencer (also not the good part). but we had no plans. nothing going on. and it was a happy mixture of long overdue quality time with coleman and seriously needed productivity....

:: several loads of laundry

:: lots of morning cuddles and snuggles with my best little guy

:: new wire shelf liner + a little purging = a tidier kitchen pantry

:: coleman and i took an adventure into the woods and did some collecting (of pretty leaves, pinecones and bug bites)

:: finally, finally got our master closet back to normal...do you hear the angels singing???

:: morning coffee and play time with the neighbors

:: loaded PSE7 and iTunes onto the new laptop

:: coleman and i ate supper at the table like a real family...even if it was just the two of us

:: updated computer with email addresses and websites of spencer's new teachers

:: pool time for coleman and colton

:: tidied up and purged spencer's room

:: supper with neighbors

:: we made the slightest progress in coleman sitting on the potty

so there you have it. our low-key, git-r-done weekend.


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  2. Darlene Terpening3:23 PM

    Holly, I love reading your posts. It's almost as good as when we used to chat all the time. I miss those days!