technology wonders

yesterday i realized that google had FINALLY released a blogger app for the iPhone. i posted about spencer from the charlotte airport using a photo i'd snapped on my phone last weekend. (the app needs some improvements but it's free and at least it exists).

i upgraded my iPhone to the new software and i'm slowly figuring out this *icloud* thing.

today i write this message from seat 29E aboard a delta flight back from atlanta. wi-fi on planes = awesome. i'm also listening to glee music...which is awesome too. what's not awesome is that i'm two weeks behind on watching the show...but i digress.

yesterday, one of the highlights was a text message from my 19 year old nephew who said he wanted to swing by for a visit on sunday...I haven't seen him since he left for college in august. awesome.

last night at dinner, all of the traveling career mamas shared photos of their little ones that were being texted by their hubbies. (see photo below).

yes, i could list a million ways that technology is bad for society, but really...it's just badass.

thank you techie geniuses for creating super coolness.

adios from somewhere over south carolina.

(post written "in air" yesterday but failed to publish...maybe technology isn't that great...)

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