celebrate {june 2011}

disclaimer: i realize how ridiculously late this is. and though it would be easy to walk away from these monthly recaps, i truly want them documented here - regardless of punctuality. so, i will press on...even if they are six months late.

celebrate {big moments}
  • nephews on both sides of the family graduated from high school
  • family beach vacation, including a baseball tournament
  • spencer and i went on a helicopter ride
    Bo's Graduation - Rock Hill High School
    us and our whirly bird
    for the love of shell hunting...
celebrate {little moments}
  • spencer had three baseball tournaments
  • coleman had a field trip to the petting zoo; spencer had a field trip to the real zoo
  • spencer wrapped up his sixth grade year
  • we all watched the gamecocks win another college world series
  • got a facial (mother's day gift) and pedicure (for the beach)
  • coleman and i planted some basil seeds
    Planting basil seeds
    110626 X1 Game 30
    110614 Coleman's Petting Zoo field trip 05
celebrate {struggles}
  • our neighbor spent some time in the hospital
  • i got a flat tire
  • i dealt with the hassles of an office move
  • coleman got a haircut (long story)
    110623 Coleman saying the blessing at AJ's
celebrate {family}
  • mom, michelle, marion and maggie were in town for a weekend
  • we celebrated father's day
  • spencer was with us a lot and we loved it! 
    110619 Father's Day - Matt & Coleman 01
celebrate {friends}
  • lots of pool time in the yard with friends and neighbors
  • plenty of visits from scott, cameron and xander
    Headed to the Monk house for a swim
    dancing in the pool

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