celebrate spencer {november 2011}

spencer has had quite an interesting two months.

he flabbergasted every adult in his life when he got sent to the principal's office. and then we shrugged it off when we realized it was all a little silly.

then he got sent again. and was written up. and got iss (in school suspension). this time it wasn't quite so funny.

but he has gotten his act together. for now.

his first report card of the year brought 3 As and 1 B in his academic classes. which means he made the honor roll and we got to attend a recognition breakfast. it was a small cozy event honoring 250+ kids. what?!?! apparently his school is really smart.

but the recent highlight was spencer's performance on day one of his baseball tournament last weekend. the last one of the year.

he pitched. an entire game. seven innings. his first time doing that. the first time his coach had ever let a player do that. it was awesome. I still get misty-eyed thinking about. we are so ridiculously proud.

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