week in the life {saturday ~ july 30}

day six...

Saturday: c playing on Matt's iPhone
our morning snuggle time. coleman is playing with matt's iphone. while sitting in my lap.

Saturday: out and about early for a Saturday

in the car before 8:00 on a saturday morning...very unusual. though it feels kind of good to be up and at 'em that early. hit the mcdonald's drive through and picked up an iced coffee for myself and a strawberry lemonade for cassidy...

Saturday: playmate at the park

coleman playing on the slide at cedar crest park. we met cassidy and giada there for a playdate. we went super early (8:30), in the hopes of beating the obnoxious heat. the kiddos both had a good time. it's a great toddler-friendly park! i know i took a picture of giada but it disappeared. i can't find it!!! ugh! anyway... we lasted until about 10:00 and it really started to get toasty. it was great to catch up with cassidy. much overdue.

Saturday: outfit

my outfit for the day. nothing very exciting.

Saturday: apparently trips to old navy are exhausting.

coleman and i headed to old navy, after i realized i had a groupon that was expiring today. he was very good in the store (a huge improvement from our last shopping trip there). apparently, behaving that well must be really exhausting since he pooped out on the way home...cuddling with his new soccer ball.

Saturday: awesome new shirt from old navy

i didn't buy much at old navy, but i saw this shirt on a mannequin as soon as i walked in, and fell in love with it. i was tickled that they had it in my size and it was on sale. yay! (i think this dark shade of yellow might be my new fall color). the only other things i bought were the soccer ball and a winter coat for coleman. pretty impressed with my willpower.

Saturday: brusha brusha brusha

coleman brushing his teeth. as part of his routine, he pulls out his stool and puts it in front of the sink. he turns on the water and i put the toothpaste on his toothbrush. he insists on brushing his teeth himself...though it's not very thorough.
Saturday: bathtime

after brushing teeth, comes bathtime. he usually enjoys his bath but he does go through phases where he likes it more or less. he loves his bath toys and transferring water from different containers.

Saturday: first time on potty (at home)

we are having a hard time with "potty training". he cooperates and does really well at aj's house, but simply is not interested at home. this photo is actually the first time we've been able to even get him to sit on it at home. it only lasted a couple of seconds and he didn't go potty...but at least he sat on it!

Saturday: thirsty dogs

rio and cooper...very thirty doggies...

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards

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