week in the life {friday ~ july 29}

day five...

a slight recovery from yesterday's scary low photo count....

so today transitions into a different schedule than most of the week. monday through thursday, matt was off from work and spencer was with us. however, matt is now working nights over the weekend and spencer went back to his mother's...

Friday: arriving at the office

this photo was taken approaching my office in the morning. this streetlight is at the intersection that leads to the lowe's campus. if you squint and tilt your head slightly to the left, you can see a building ahead on the left side of the road (to the right of the water tower). that's where i work.
Friday: sportin' my gamecock friendship bracelet

i was dressed particularly casual for work today because we were doing work at the planogram facility. at the last minute, i grabbed my newest friendship bracelet (in gamecock colors). i (re)learned how to make these recently and have been kind of having fun with it!!

Friday: late lunch from panera

after a long morning of real work, as mentioned before, mike (my boss) and i grabbed a late lunch from panera bread before heading back to the office for more work (less manual labor though).
Thursday: Coleman at AJ's

aj sent me this photo of coleman playing outside. i love, love, love that she sends me picture messages of my sweet baby boy during the day. sometimes i will send her a text asking how he's doing because i know she will follow up with a photo (shhh...don't tell my secret!!!).
Friday: the heat wave that just won't end

our temperatures lately have been ridiculous. this is actually a bad representation of what we've been dealing with, as far as weather is concerned. this screen shot shows a "feels like" that is lower than the actual temperature. many days have had a heat index well above 100 degrees. oh...and that 26% humidity...that's a dream day!
Friday: pumping gas

pumping gas. something i do a lot. too much. i am not a fan of having to stop, so i always fill up completely. matt, however, usually only gets a little bit of gas at a time. and considering he drives a gas-sucking monster, he literally stops for gas every day. and since i'm the one that balances the checkbook, it annoys the bejeebers out of me that he has so many debits! just fill it up!!! i forgot to take a photo of the sign with the gas price...we are averaging around $3.50 a gallon right now.
Friday: c eating his supper...hot dog and cheese. So healthy

coleman sitting at his little table, enjoying some supper and a bottle of water. looks like he is chowing down on a nice healthy hot dog. that's my go-to lazy supper. it's quick and he always eats it. purchasing this table last christmas was the bestest thing ever (yes, i know that's not a real word).
Friday: made my weekend to do list over supper

apparently my dinner was tasty...some concoction on a tortilla. when matt works night, i just make whatever for supper. it's usually totally random and often on a soft tortilla. while we ate, i made my weekend to-do list.
Friday: as if enough hasn't gone wrong already... I thunk my computer is fried

so, did you know that smoke can kill a laptop??? well, apparently so. it's dead. gone. finito. ugh!
Friday: nothing smells better than a freshly bathed kiddo

looking at this picture, i can smell clean baby. i love, love, love a fresh, clean baby (or toddler...whatever!). actually, even spencer smells pretty good after a shower - ha!

Friday: Coleman's "bracelets"

and then there were the bracelets. i'm trying to remember when he started this...maybe a month ago? two? he wears a combination of my hair bands and a few silly bands on his right wrist all the time. bed - check. bath - check. swimming - check. daycare - check. everywhere - check.

*all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards

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