week in the life {sunday ~ july 31}

day seven...

Sunday: c playing with all the junk in my pocketbook

this is coleman's new thing...taking everything out of my pocketbook, spreading it out on the kitchen floor and playing with it. the good thing is that it makes it easy to do a quick clean up of the contents. as a result, i've also found some pretty funny things later on (like a nickel stuck in a tub of lip gloss).

Sunday: the list...made it to 1,000

after several months, i finally hit *1000* on my list of one thousand gifts. what an awesome feeling. i have no plan to stop though.

Sunday: playdoh fun

this morning, i pulled out coleman's (very limited) selection of playdoh and toys. he desperately needs a real set of this stuff... he hasn't mastered the concept of playing with it yet, but he seemed to have fun and i'm sure he'll *get* it more if i actually remember to let him play with it more often.

Sunday: reading the ads

and while coleman played with his playdoh, his mommy flipped through the newspaper ads.

Sunday: coupon clipping

and clipped coupons... i haven't been doing nearly as well with my couponing efforts as i used to...but i'm still clipping and saving money. saving something is better than paying full price, i suppose!
Sunday: Coleman + Colton and water slide fun!

sunday afternoon, coleman and i went over to hang out with the monks (a summer weekend tradition). the boys played in the kiddie pool and the inflatable water slide. coleman and colton absolutely love this thing! they have a blast on it every weekend.

Sunday: absolute sweetness

later on, inside, the boys snuggle together to watch a movie. this adorable moment actually didn't last long, but it was cute for a minute! the two of them do play really well together and it's nice that we are just two houses down. we ended up eating supper with tara and warren before heading home.

you can see all of my week in the life photos here at flickr.

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards

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