career mama: a new low

so, i may have just reached a whole new low. or maybe a high. depends on your perspective, i suppose.

i just made goody bags for the daycare christmas party. in the car. while driving. including curly ribbon. and when I realized I didn't have scissors within reach (because they are in the car somewhere), I just used my pocket knife. cuz I'm classy like that. (and yes it worked...curled like a charm).

for what it's worth, this wasn't my original intent. I brought the stuff to work thinking I'd whip them up there. I have no idea WHY I thought that, other than I must've been smoking some mighty fine crack. When I left work early, i figured I'd run my errands and throw the bags together at home before hitting the party...and then I hit the interstate, which greatly resembled a parking lot. at that point my brain went into improv mode. by the time my speedometer hit 60, I had one wrapped teacher gift and 8 goody bags adorned with redneck-curled ribbon

final analysis of this experience:
+2 points for thinking quickly and finding a solution
-10 points for doing something so stupid while driving
+5 points for pocket knife use
-4 points for being lazy and not having done the bags the night before
+3 points for sharing my new low in a public forum so other moms can feel better about themselves
-3 points for typing this post while driving
+2 points for actually writing a blog post at all.
+3 points for actually using numbers and the word "analysis" in a post about goody bags
+2 good behavior points for not flipping off the suburban in front me going 60 in the left lane.

Did you do the math? It's a wash. But the bags are done and I'm alive.

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