tradition {letters from santa}

a couple of years ago, i discovered the most amazing website that sends letters from santa to your child(ren). the price is reasonable and letters can be entirely customized by you. they come in a shiny package with authentic north pole postmark. 

091222 Letter from Santa 01
spencer with the letter from santa - 2009

spencer was already eleven years old when i first began this and he was still pretty excited about it. even last year, at 12, he thought it was cool. he enjoyed opening the letter and reading it to his little brother. 

101210 Letter from Santa 01 - Spencer

101210 Letter from Santa 03 - M +C + S
photos from letter arrival 2010

disclaimer: i have no affiliation with this site, nor have i received any free product from them. i simply think it's awesome and would highly recommend it to anyone to help bring the spirit of santa into your home. 

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