tis the season: penland tree farm

one of the reasons i love the holiday season so much is because of traditions. christmastime just screams "family traditions", and i'm not quoting hank williams, jr. here. i'm all about trying new things, but i also adore finding something that works and sticking with it. making memories each year. passing those things on to new little folks and even new generations...

111202 Penland 01 

penland tree farm is one of those meanignful traditions for our family. it's only a few years old (see, to find awesome traditions, you have to be willing to try something new!!). all four of us love and look forward to choosing our tree there. 

  111202 Penland 24 collage
instagram photos; collage created in diptic app

it's not just the christmas trees. it's the ambience. the overall experience. the free hot chocolate  and coffee (spencer's favorite) and the bonfire. it's the huge hill for climbing. it's the incredibly nice staff and even the reasonable prices. (though i would gladly overpay for the tree to get the experience). 

111202 Penland 11 - Matt

i adore this photo of matt. i don't even remember why exactly he laughing so hard but i love that i captured a moment of true joy. 
111202 Penland 16 - Spencer & Coleman

and this is the hill. the hill that creates a battle with coleman every year when it's time to leave. but it's worth it. the boys have a blast, despite the decade between them. they go home filthy, happy and exhausted. 

111202 Penland 17 - Spencer

what big brother does...

111202 Penland 18 - Coleman

...so goes little brother...

111202 Penland 19 - Spencer & Coleman

...monkey see, monkey do...

111202 Penland 14  - Spencer & Coleman copy

and the photo of the day goes to this snapshot. 
in full disclosure: this was edited. the original photo included the silhouette and the sunset. but i tweaked it in PSE7 to make it a bit more dramatic. so sue me. 

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