celebrate {july 2011}

celebrate {big moments}
  • happy independence day with multiple celebrations 
  • we celebrated my 33rd birthday
  • reached 1,000 on my one thousands gifts list
110702 4th Celebration at Chandlers 08 

110711 Holly's Bday 03

celebrate {little moments}
  • we all went shopping at ikea - mainly for work 
  • the end of spencer's spring/summer baseball season
  • spencer tried out for fall baseball 
  • neighborhood playground
    110709 Coleman at playground 01
celebrate {struggles}
  • i had two more flat tires. no, not on the same day. 
  • almost house fire
  • laptop died 
110725 Machine to get rid of stink

110713 Coleman's temper tantrum 02 

  celebrate {family}
  • wrapped up our family beach vacation
  • fourth of july at britt's house - cookout, pool
    110704 4th at the Blackwells 20 - Matt + Spencer + Coleman
celebrate {friends}
  • fourth of july shindig at the chandler home
  • fireworks and water play time with the monks
  • spencer's friend, heath, spent the night
  • coleman and i went on a park playdate with cassidy and giada 
110703 4th at the Monks 06 - Spencer + Colton + Coleman

110724 Spencer + Heath in car

  celebrate {home}
  • captured a week in the life (in photos via iphone + instagram)
  • matt tried diligently to clean our home of the smoky smell
  • organized some of spencer's old school work
110716 Unorganized Artwork

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