{32 weeks}

2 more months, 8 more weeks, 56 more days...no matter how you look at it...we're getting there.

Baby Coleman is measuring in at almost 4 pounds and over 16 inches. All major systems are functioning and the bones are strengthening. With most of the complicated stuff over, he's just getting plumper each week :)

Baby's Mama is about the same as last week. I'm still going to the chiropractor and it has given me some relief from the sciatic pain. I'm starting to not be able to eat as much at once without getting uncomfortable (think back to Thanksgiving Day and how you felt after the big meal - that's how I feel after about a half of a regular meal). I have a doctor's appointment on Friday, which will be my first with a midwife.
I've started getting comments about how I must be having the baby "any day now" which doesn't exactly help out one's self-esteem. I try to keep telling myself that it's just because I'm short so my belly sticks out more...

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