{library of memories}

This week I signed up for the Library of Memories class taught by Stacy Julian at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The book that I read earlier this year, Photo Freedom, is based on this class, which expands on the whole concept. I have heard very good things about the class, so decided to sign up for the 2009 session (which begins in February and runs for 16 weeks). I started many things from her book and I'm hoping that taking this (which will fall mainly while I'm on maternity leave), that I will be able to finish what I started and change my mentality around this hobby of scrapbooking!
I have set a few goals for myself to complete before the class starts in February. I've already started re-reading Photo Freedom. I'm also going to order one of her older books, Big Picture, that goes into more details on the *thought process* behind the system. I also want to use some of her suggestions to get all of my digital prints organized before class. I think they are realistic goals and I've already started working on them...

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