all day i have felt compelled to address today here on my blog. however, i honestly don't know what to say. i remember that day, 8 years ago, quite clearly. but my day doesn't compare to the tragedy that others were facing and doesn't really warrant being recited. i dressed coleman and i in red, white and blue today. but in the grand scheme of what today stands for...how petty is that really? as if my small sign of patriotism means anything to the families that lost a loved one that day, or the service men and women that are still sacrificing for our freedom.

so, words escape me.

i'm including a picture of my baby this morning in his red, white and blue because despite the horror of this anniversary, he can brighten my day quicker than anything. it saddens me that he will never know or understand a world that existed before 9-11. one of the reasons i wasn't sure if i wanted to have a child is because i often feel this world isn't a place into which i want to be responsible for bringing someone. i know i can't protect him forever, but i pray that he will live a life free of the terror that happened on that day and the many other cruel things that take place daily in our world.

my sincerest thanks to those serving for our country and sacrificing for our freedom. my prayers continue for the loved ones of those left here at home, and those that lost someone on this day 8 years ago.

p.s. yes, i know he looks drunk in this picture

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  1. Holly, I totally agree with all of your sentiments. Thomas and I have had many conversations about this day because he is an emergency responder for the red cross and went to ground zero immediately when it happened. He was there for weeks doing a very difficult job. He says it is hard to describe everything he saw or encountered. It changed him forever.