thrifty thursday {9.17}

i made a trip to food lion, mainly for formula, but picked up some other stuff as well:

food lion
total @ full retail = $78.95
mvp savings = $6.23
coupons = $15.25
total savings = $ 21.48 (27%)
highlights: cheap baby food and $8.00 off formula and two free sippy cups!

then, of course, it's TRIPLE COUPONS week at harris teeter. wooooohoooo. i hate the 20 coupon limit. i really need to make a 2nd trip.

harris teeter
total @ full retail = $84.90
vic savings = $16.92
coupons = $38.95
total savings = $55.87 (66%)

highlights: lots of free pasta, cheap baby food, well...pretty much cheap everything

1 comment:

  1. I was so excited this week at Harris Teeter! I saved over $61 (with coupons and VIC savings). I am turning into a coupon junkie!!!