consignment sale {happiness}

i have never been to a large consignment sale but had heard that, as a new parent, this was something i *had* to do. so i did. yesterday. it was a bit intimidating. a bit overwhelming. but a heck of a lot of fun :)

i spent $98 and got so, so much!!! most of my finds were for coleman but i did get a couple of shirts for spencer (shhh...don't tell him they are "used"!). i got a couple of good-sized toys that will serve as christmas gifts, an infant-to-toddler rocker, an umbrella stroller to keep at my sister's. fall/winter clothes. and a few random items.

you know how i am, so i had to do the math to figure how much i had saved. so, if i had paid full retail for everything i got...i would've paid $314! that's a savings of almost 70%!!!!!!!

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