celebrate {coleman - april 2011}

110205 Chandlers 05 - Coleman copy

coleman: you play so hard. you are active and energetic. i love how adorable you look when you face is all red from fun overload!

:: your pronunctiation of certain words cracks me up. "yes" sounds like "yos". "heavy" sounds like "hovy". listening to your growing vocabulary constantly makes me smile.

110206 Coleman asleep in car

:: you don't really enjoy being read to. you'd rather hold the book yourself and "read". you are independent in so many ways. you'd prefer to tackle almost any task all on your own. (for the record...you DO like for your brother to read books to you!)

:: your favorite movie is "monsters inc". you call it by name, but also just call it "movie" and think every movie is "monsters inc".

110211 Coleman with Valentine art 04
:: you are always bringing home artistic creations from daycare. love that. i try to do some stuff at home too. but we don't have nearly as much time for creative projects as i'd prefer.

:: you like to get under a blanket and pull it up to your chin. you do this to mimic boo from "monsters inc".
110212 Playing in yard 05 - Coleman
:: you still love, love, love being outdoors. when you get cranky...that's often where we head. the fresh air seems to be a mood changer for you. i love that we have so many boys nearby. it warms my heart that you will grow up with neighborhood buddies.

:: you are always asking "what doing?". some might think it'd be annoying, but i think it's absolutely adorable and never get tired of answering you.
110220 C on iphone 02
:: you are still so very addicted to your pacifer...paci...pop-pop. call it what you want, you love it. we're working towards more and more time without, but when you are unhappy, it's the first thing you ask for.

:: we recently took you to your first live show: mickey's live magic show. you were restless at times, and enthralled at times. you clapped. you danced. for only two years old, i think it was quite successful.
110227 Coleman + Water Table 03

:: you are going through a stage of being completely obsessed with water. you love running water in a sink and just playing. it usually leads to a big ole mess!

:: you still love the mickey mouse clubhouse, but you are now more interactive with the show as you watch it. mickey's your favorite of course, but you also love goofy...which you pronounce "foofy".
110228 Coleman taking drink break at AJ's
:: you love drinking from "big boy" cups or bottles of water. you are getting pretty good at it (though we still rely on the mess-free sippy cup for most of your drinking).

:: you are starting to get really good at your colors and shapes. we are so proud of you.

:: you still go on the big boy potty at aj's but not at home!
this post is part of a series highlighting the life and growth of our boys each month. spencer will be featured on the 15th of every month, and coleman on the 24th.


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