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last january, i began a journey. my goal was to read The Holy Bible. day-by-day. cover-to-cover. chapter-by-chapter. i was inspired by a blog which would be providing daily devotionals and the reading plan. it began as three chapters each weekday, five over the weekend. total time to completion...a year or so.

unfortunately, the devotionals didn't last and my efforts derailed along with it. but somehow, i got back on track. i considered finding my own "devotional" readings online, etc. and then finally, at some point, i realized i was overcomplicating things.

from that point forward, i simply opened the book each day and read. my goal was four chapters a day. if it didn't happen, no worries. i didn't play catch up. i didn't force it on the weekends. i just read.

it's hard to believe that fifteen months later, i closed my Bible and was able to say "i did it. i read the whole thing." i'm not going to lie...it's a pretty awesome feeling of accomplishment.

i'm going to spend some time putting together a few more detailed posts about my experience. more to come...

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