working mama v. career mama

are you a working mom or a career mom?

are you not sure what the difference is? or if there really is one? trust me, there is.

it has nothing to do with the type of job you have or the money you earn. it's not about power, or title, or whether you wear a uniform or a business suit. it's about your attitude.

i went through a period, particularly during my pregnancy and after maternity leave where i became a working mama. i showed up at the office every day out of obligation and as a means to an end. 40 hours a week = food on the table and a roof over our head. that was it. my baby needed diapers and formula. i was bitter that i had to work at all...i sure as heck wasn't going to do it with a smile on my face!

at some point, i was able to adjust my attitude back to a career mama mentality and it has made all the difference. when i'm in the office, i focus on my priorities there. it's the same deal, i give my company 40+ hours a week and, in return they give me a paycheck that allows me to help support my family. but i'm more focused, more engaged, more dedicated. my company gets more from me and in return, my career path will be rewarded.

but the biggest reward isn't about a bi-weekly deposit or title on a business card. it's about happiness.

most moms would agree that it just plain sucks to leave your kids every day. regardless of whether you work because you want to, need to or flat out have to...it sucks sometimes. we love our kids and want to spend time with them.

by focusing on my career while i'm at work, my attitude has shifted, not only in regards to my professional duties, but at home too. when i'm home with my family, i'm focused on them. i'm excited to be there and i'm not dreading going to work the next day. i am able to treat the people i love as if they are truly loved ones, rather than taking out frustrations on them.

it's all about the attitude.

as i said before, it has nothing to do with what you do.

if you are a waitress because the economy is crap and it's the only job you can find, then you are a working mama waitress. if you are a waitress because you love the food industry and aspire to run your own restaurant, you are a career mama waitress. same job. different attitude.

if you have a corner office, wear a suit to work everyday and bring home a 7-digit salary, all while counting down the days until friday...you are a working corporate mama. if you fly first-class and supervise a building full of folks all while wearing prada shoes, and you loved every step up that ladder...you are a career corporate mama.

get it? good.

so, if you are struggling to balance your two worlds or feeling a bit dissatifised in the workplace, i urge you to spend some time thinking about your attitude toward your job/career. how does it make you feel while you are at work? how does it affect you at home? could it use some adjusting?

soon, we will talk about ways to make some changes that will benefit you and your family.

this post is part of a new focus here at the chronicles:
the career mama
balancing work & home, while loving it all.

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