celebrating {spencer - april 2011}

after coleman turned two years old, i started to miss the monthly updates i used to post about him. but i also realized i wanted to post more about just spencer. and so that lead me to a new series idea. my plan is to share monthly about each boy on the date of their birthday (the 15th for spencer and the 24th for coleman). nothing elaborate - just a little update on their lives...right now.

spencer, at twelve years old you are in the sixth grade. your last report card was 4 B's in your academic subjects. you do not like math and made your first 'C' in that subject. but you are working hard and we are proud of you!
110205 Colton's 2nd Bday 42 - Spencer + Colton

you are enjoying the art project you're doing in school right now. you are making a penguin from clay. you chose the animal yourself. it reminded me of when you had to make a penguin in second grade. time sure does fly.
110205 Chandlers 14 - Spencer

you are totally into baseball right now (and always). you are playing for a travel ball team and a rec ball team. you are completely devoted and have practice or games five or six days a week. you adore your travel team and it warms my heart to see you "at home" with your new baseball family.
110205 Chandlers 07 - Spencer + Tim

you love the boston celtics and the boston red sox. we aren't sure why, but i love that you are a loyal fan and that you chose the teams you're following. but we also love that you are a die-hard gamecock fan with us.
110207 Celtics Game 01 - Matt & Spencer

spencer, you are growing into such an admirable young man. we love watching you mature and are blessed to share life and laughs with you along the way.

this post is part of a series highlighting the life and growth of our boys each month. spencer will be featured on the 15th of every month, and coleman on the 24th.

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