story {easter injury}

our easter morning didn't happen exactly as planned. around 5 a.m. i stumbled out of bed. in the dark. with no glasses on. to use the restroom. despite having taken this route a million times before, i somehow managed to trip over one of the dog beds.

in a moment of no balance and an attempt to keep myself from falling on our poor dog, i grabbed the nearest thing for stabilization. bad idea.

the tall, skinny, and very unstable bookshelf/full length mirror came tumbling down on top of me. the next few moments consisted of me screaming to wake up my husband, being terrified that our dog may have just gotten squashed and that i had probably broken my hand.

in the thirty minutes that followed, my completely ungraceful panic turned into my dry heaving (from the pain? from the fear? who knows). my dear hubby calmed me and got my wrist all iced up. we woke a dear friend & neighbor to come be with the boys. we woke spencer to let him know we were leaving. and we left.

amazingly enough, we managed to get in and out of urgent care, fill a prescription, and pick up breakfast for our family and the dear friends that helped us...all in 2 hours. three stitches later, i realized the world wasn't coming to an end and though we were going to miss church, easter was far from ruined.

and of course, in every (small) trauma there are many blessings...

:: our dog did not get smushed under the bookshelf
:: the mirror miraculously didn't break
:: my arm was not broken (or even sprained)
:: the cut on my wrist was not very deep
:: we have good medical insurance
:: my husband was home when it happened
:: we have amazing friends/neighbors that we can depend on
:: the process did not take that long and we were still able to enjoy our holiday
:: we had a wonderful experience at urgent care with some great nurses

so today i'm sore, but functional. and very grateful.

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