week in the life {thursday - july 28}

day four...

supposedly, the mid-week days are the worst for picture taking...i like to help prove statistics correct (apparently). i was actually kind of shocked when i realized i only had six photos...and not very good ones at that!

Thursday: potty time

cooper peeing...now, isn't that something that you really wanted to see????

Thursday: all of my work junk...

this is my load of crap that leaves with me in the morning. it's pretty ridiculous (and this is a day i don't even have to take coleman - and his stuff - to daycare!!!). so, what is all of this "must have" stuff????
pocketbook. work bag. lunch bag. grocery bag of food (that wouldn't fit in the lunch bag - not a daily thing, but typical after a grocery trip). coupon binder. tennis shoes. travel coffee mug. folder with some papers that i needed (and i was too lazy to put in my work bag????).

Thursday: wraslin'

matt + spencer wraslin' (that's wrestling for those of you that don't live in the South). they do this a lot. and have forever. sometimes it's cute. sometimes it's funny. sometimes it's annoying. (i'd like to blame the difference on them, but i'm pretty sure it has a lot more to do with my mood!)

Thursday: rio

i realized at this point that i had taken two pictures of cooper and none of rio. the nice thing about this pain-in-the-arse dog is that when you call him and tell him to pose for a picture, he actually does. he's better trained than the rest of the boys in our house!

Thursday: Spencer watching Matt play video games

spencer watching matt play video games. their most often played game is call of duty (whatever the newest one is that month). they can play two players, but for some reason don't like to do that (???) so they take turns. i think it's weird, but i'm a girl.

Thursday: daredevil Coleman sporting his newest baseball (a gift from grandma Sharon)

matt dressed coleman today and happened to put him in the newest baseball tee, which was a gift from my mom (a.k.a. grandma sharon). i took this (horrible) photo to send to her. but now that i'm looking at it, i don't remember if i ever did. DUH! oh well, she will probably read this blog post and then she will know that her adorable grandson looked nice (and blurry) in his new shirt.

*all photos were taken and edited on my iphone with the instagram app

week in the life 2011 | july 25-31
inspired by ali edwards

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